Dexatel is a leading telecom company and one of the best SMS and voice provider. It has over 500 million interconnections worldwide and over 1 million daily traffic. With Dexatel you can build software that communicates with everyone in the world. You can connect with your audience through calls and text messaging throughout the day.

Here is why to choose Dexatel as your Voice and SMS provider.

1. Stability

Stability is a crucial indicator of the company’s success. Dexatel is in the market for about 5 years. During that time the company has established itself as a working operator worldwide with offices in 4 countries, including the USA, Estonia, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates. However, the geographic span of Dexatel is much larger. Today it can ensure connectivity in almost every corner of the world.

2. Professional team

Dexatel team is composed of leading experts in the field. Their expertise is what makes Dexatel valuable.  You can build your messages from scrap using Dexatel expertise. Utilizing the local resources of four countries, Dexatel accumulates the expertise and builds a strong network in the international area. Dexatel has proved its professionalism in a number of areas and keeps on providing excellent connectivity services to its customers.

3. Flexible pricing

You may wonder why Dexatel has no fixed prices for its services. This is because the company is 100% flexible in its pricing policy. Dexatel can negotiate prices with any potential buyer. Dexatel looks forward to offers with a promise to give the most for each penny. With open pricing, Dexatel ensures that various contractors can gain most out of deals that can give “goods” for both parties.

4. Security

Dexatel provides the most secure data management. You can verify and secure users in your application. Verification is done by automated voice calls or one time passwords.

Dexatel utilized a two-factor authentication system as well as takes other security measures to counter spam and other unlawful behavior.

5. Voice, SMS messaging and PBX services

Dexatel is specialized in SMS, Voice and PBX services.

SMS and Voice services are at the heart of any business that wants to build on a robust marketing strategy. Using Dexatel Voice and SMS messaging you can connect to millions of users throughout the world.  You can manage your mobile marketing campaign and facilitate greater two-way communication with your contacts. With Dexatel, you can use features like voting and polling, personalization, keyword management, and more to your marketing campaign. Dexatel Voice and SMS messaging can be referred to mobile without a SIM card.

One of the advantages of Dexatel over dozens of other vendors is that Dexatel provides Hosted PBX services. With Hosted PBX you can manage your office telephone network without even having to invest in telephone equipment! The entire system is operated and maintained by the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. Your employees can work at home or anywhere they want still being connected to the same office telephone system.

6. Delivery reports

Your marketing largely depends on the response rate. Dexatel provides you with up-to-date information on your customers that you can use for future marketing endeavors. Your analysts do not need to do routine paperwork as Dexatel delivery reports provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about your customer behavior. This tool will help you manage your future contacts and build your business on robust grounds.

7. Technological base

Dexatel applies the most advanced technology and software. It uses programmable SMS, Voice, Video, Chat and Fax services. It has flexible routing logic and an easy to use notification senders.

Dexatel technology ensures connectivity almost everywhere in the world. Being a programmable tool, it accepts various local technologies into its main infrastructure.

8. Provider for leading telecom operators

Dexatel partners with prominent telecoms, including Vodafone, China Telecom, Belgacom, Citic Telecom, PTGI International Carrier Services, etc.

Just to mention that CITIC Telecom holds 99% interest in Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau, S.A.R.L. (“CTM”), one of Macau’s leading integrated telecoms services providers.

Belgacom, also known as Proximus Group, is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium. The company is primarily state-owned. The state holds 53.3%+1 share.

Some other Dexatel partners are also leading telecommunication vendors and effectively cooperate with the company in the field of connectivity.

9. Excellent customer support

The relationship with the company customers is at the heart of Dexatel philosophy.

You can link to Dexatel with any communication tool, including SMS calls, emails, etc. Dexatel can ensure communications and calls to stay connected with customers throughout the transaction.

Dexatel is proud of its excellent customer feedback and strives to give the best to its customers. It continues excelling and keeping to the promise of being one of the most reliable telecom vendors in the world.

Dexatel customer service is responsive to all your customer needs.