Account-related data is managed by account endpoints. Data privacy is properly handled.

Method: Read

Operation gets the details of the account.

URL /v1/accounts/self
Method Type GET
Authorization API Key
Request Content-Type JSON
Response Content-Type JSON


Name Type Description Status
X-Dexatel-Key string API key Required

Request Body


Response Parameters

Name Type Description Status
data object


(see data object below)
data object
Name Type Description Status
id string Unique identifier of the account Optional
username string User's email Optional
first_name string User's first name Optional
last_name string User's last name Optional
tax_rate number Tax rate Optional
currency string User's currency (USD, EUR) Optional
hlr_check boolean Is HLR check enabled or not Optional
phone_number string User's phone number Optional
mnp_check boolean Is MNP check enabled or not Optional
mnp_countries array Countries for which the MNP is enabled Optional
roles array User's roles Optional
create_date string Creation date of the account in UTC, formatted as yyyyMM-dd HH:mm:ss Optional
update_date string Update date of the account in UTC, formatted as yyyy-MMdd HH:mm:ss Optional
links object


(see links object below)
links object
Name Type Description Status
self string URL of the account Optional

Example of request body

GET: /v1/accounts/self
X-Dexatel-Key: 94d2f2f2884848bca861264ad86d8ace

Example of response body

status - 200


Error Codes

The following error codes are returned in response to a user’s request which contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

Code Description
1101 Invalid token
1102 Account not found
1103 'data' is required
1104 'data.username' is required
1105 'data.password' is required
1106 'data.currency' should be in: [USD, EUR]
1107 'data.currency' cannot be modified
1108 Account with the specified username exists
1109 'email' is required
1110 Verification code not found
1111 'data.first_name' is required
1112 'data.last_name' is required
1113 'email' is required
1114 'new_password' is required
1115 'social_network' is required
1116 Invalid social network or token passed
1117 Social network not supported
1118 'data' is required
1119 The username should be a valid email address
1120 Account verification data not found
1121 'data.use_case_id' is required
1122 'data.text_examples' is required
1123 'data.destinations' is required
1124 'data.destinations' should not be empty
1125 Verification code not valid
1126 The password should be at least 8 character long and contain at least 1 digit and one uppercase letter