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Bulk SMS

Send mass SMS to all your customers at once.

Usage and SDK Samples


Header Parameters

Name Description
token * string(32) Your secret token

Body Parameters

Name Description
messages * array array[Messages]
dlr_url text Dexatel will send delivery report in this url


Status: 200 - Success

    "statusName": "OK",
    "data": {
        "request_uuid": "0ff180c2-25f6-4fb4-a07c-1acedc035e89",
        "message_data": [
                "phone": "12025550150",
                "message_uuid": "a47b23df-dddc-48bb-881d-5f9ac3710c29"
                "phone": "12025550127",
                "message_uuid": "l41b24df-fffc-48cc-222d-5f9ac3710c29"
                "phone": "12025550124",
                "message_uuid": "g40b21df-kkkc-42bb-881d-5f9ac3710c29"
Url string                                       ex.:
    phone* string|array                    ex.: 12025550151 or [12025550151, 12025550152]
    sender_name*	string(11)        ex.: My Company
    message*	string(1377)             ex.: My first SMS
    date_send datetime                  ex.: 2020-27-10 08:00:00, default: now()

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