Campaign feature is intended to send a single message text to multiple destination numbers via a single API request. The Campaign API supports sending messages up to 100 000 destination numbers with one campaign.

Messages to all recipients may not be delivered instantly. Messages are dequeued for delivery based on the rate limits configured for the account.

Campaign endpoints are meant to send and monitor campaigns scheduled by the account.

Method: Delete

-no description-

URL /v1/campaigns/{id}
Method Type DELETE
Authorization API Key
Request Content-Type JSON
Response Content-Type JSON


Name Type Description Status
X-Dexatel-Key string API key Required

Request Body


Response Parameters

Example of request body

DELETE: /v1/campaigns/48e200b7-be98-4360-b5c7-5dfac16b06f9
X-Dexatel-Key: 94d2f2f2884848bca861264ad86d8ace

Example of response body

status - 204

Error Codes

The following error codes are returned in response to a user’s request which contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

Code Description
1522 Schedule date should be after current date
1601 Campaign is not found
1602 Invalid campaign identifier
1603 'data.from' is required
1604 'data.from' is invalid
1605 'data.audience' is required
1606 'data.audience' is invalid
1607 'data.template' is required
1608 'data.template' is invalid
1609 'data.schedule' is invalid
1611 'data.status' can not be changed
1612 Campaign cannot be deleted
1613 Campaign audience and template do not match
1616 Template ID does not exist for this channel
1617 Audience ID does not exist for this channel