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Delivery report

Get SMS status

There are two ways of receiving Delivery Report (DLR) in your service

Asynchronous DLR

In case of asynchronous DLR, Dexatel makes a HTTP GET request to your service when the DLR is received from the handset.

Asynchronous DLR via dlr-url callback URL is the preferred method of receiving DLR to your service. It has several benefits over synchronous DLR.

Benefits of asynchronous DLR:
  • Instantly receive DLR when it was changed
  • Extended error code support
  • Less load on your service
  • Easier to set up compared to synchronous DLR
  • Automated 5 retries in case of server failure
Synchronous DLR

In case you are unable to use asynchronous DLR (no external HTTP calls allowed), you always have option to use synchronous DLR.

In case of synchronous DLR, your service will have to regularly poll Dexatel's DLR API to see if the message has been delivered.

Downsides of synchronous DLR:
  • You will have to constantly poll to see if the message has been delivered
  • Delivery reports available for 48 hours
  • More complex logic on service side needed

Usage and SDK Samples


Header Parameters

Name Description
token * string(32) Your secret token


Status: 200 - Success

    "statusName": "OK",
    "data": {
        "message_uuid": "785a9b0f-05b5-4d06-bd74-49be5ca286e4",
        "status": "delivered"
Status Description Format
scheduled Message is scheduled for sending in the future. String
pending Message is on its way to be sent. String
rejected Message has not been sent and either charged. Perhaps you do not have enough balance on your account or there is another setup issue. String
sent Everything is ready for SMS delivery. Sometimes this is the final status of the SMS. String
delivered The partner/operator confirmed that the SMS was delivered successfully. String
failed The partner/operator reported that the SMS delivery was failed. The common reasons for delivery failure are that the phone number is incorrect or it is tuned off. String

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