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See detailed analytics on your text message campaign in custom date ranges.

Usage and SDK Samples


Header Parameters

Name Description
token * string(32) Your secret token

Body Parameters

Name Description
type string Request type (QUICK, BULK, CAMPAIGN)
default: gets all types
date_start datetime Requests' start date
default: now() - 1 MONTH
date_end datetime Requests' end date
default: now()
page integer Page number
default: 1
limit integer Items count per page
default: 20


Status: 200 - Success

    "statusName": "OK",
    "data": {
        "requests": [
                "request_uuid": "571e7632-ce2e-4306-a6a5-386aceffe464",
                "phone": ["12025550150"],
                "sender_name": "My Company",
                "message": "My first SMS",
                "type": "QUICK",
                "count": {"fail": 0, "total": 1, "success": 1, "canceled": 0, "scheduled": 0},
                "date_start": "2020-10-26T19:12:54.000Z",
                "date_finish": "2020-10-26T19:12:54.000Z"
        "_meta": {"total": 204, "currentPage": 1, "pageCount": 9}

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