Sender endpoints are meant to manage the senders of the account. Sender is a code belonging to the account, which can be used as a sender identifier for messages. Sender IDs can be alphanumeric Senders, Numeric Long Codes, and Short Codes. As an alphanumeric Sender ID, the user can set the name of the brand or company that the recipient will see as the Sender name of the message.

The length of Sender ID must be up to 11 characters, and it can include combinations of both alphabetical and numerical characters. Based on network operators, the other characters can be supported or not. SMS recipients cannot reply to alphanumeric Sender IDs. As a Numeric Long Code, the user can purchase a phone number from an available numbers list. The number can be up to 15 digits. For Short Code, the user needs to register the application manually and receive from 5 to 6 digits code which can be used as a Sender ID. In that case, the user can reply to the message.

Method: Delete

Delete sender from account

URL /v1/senders/{id}
Method Type DELETE
Authorization API Key
Request Content-Type JSON
Response Content-Type JSON


Name Type Description Status
X-Dexatel-Key string API key Required

Request Body


Response Parameters


Example of request body

DELETE: /v1/senders/48e200b7-be98-4360-b5c7-5dfac16b06f9
X-Dexatel-Key: 94d2f2f2884848bca861264ad86d8ace

Example of response body

status -

Error Codes

The following error codes are returned in response to a user’s request which contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

Code Description
1402 Sender not found
1403 'data' is required
1404 '' is required
1405 '' is invalid
1406 '' is too long
1407 ‘data.code' is invalid
1408 'data.code' is too long
1409 'data.code' is required
1410’ is required
1414 '' value should be: [SMS, VIBER, WHATSAPP]
1439 Invalid status
1440 'data.code' already ordered
1441 '' exists on this channel