Templates are created for sending messages to larger groups of contacts (audience). Using templates multiple times will save time in creating campaigns. Furthermore, each recipient will receive personalized messages even when the templates are applied.

Method: Delete

Operation deletes the template.

URL /v1/templates/{id}
Method Type DELETE
Authorization API Key
Request Content-Type JSON
Response Content-Type JSON


Name Type Description Status
X-Dexatel-Key string API key Required

Request Body


Response Parameters


Example of request body

DELETE: /v1/templates/48e200b7-be98-4360-b5c7-5dfac16b06f9
X-Dexatel-Key: 94d2f2f2884848bca861264ad86d8ace

Example of response body

status -

Error Codes

The following error codes are returned in response to a user’s request which contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

Code Description
1251 Template not found
1253 'data' is required
1254 'data.text' is required
1255 'data.text' is invalid
1256 'data.channel' is required
1257 'data.channel' value should be: [SMS, VIBER, WHATSAPP]
1258 'data.name' should be unique
1259 'data.name' is invalid
1260 'data.text' is too long