Verification endpoints are meant to send verification messages and verify the existence of the recipient.

Method: Query

Operation to query all verifications.

URL /v1/verifications
Method Type GET
Authorization API Key
Request Content-Type JSON
Response Content-Type JSON


Name Type Description Status
X-Dexatel-Key string API key Required

Query parameters

Name Type Description Status
phone string Filters recipients by phone number Optional
code string Filters by verification code Optional
page_token string Token with the encoded pagination details Optional
page_size string Number of records to be retrieved Optional

Request Body


Response Parameters

Name Type Description
data array


(see data object below)
pagination object


(see pagination object below)
data object
Name Type Description
account_id string Unique identifier of the account
message_id string Unique identifier of the message
phone string Phone number of the recipient
code string Verification code
create_date string Creation date of the campaign in UTC, formatted as yyyyMM-dd HH:mm:ss
expire_date string Expiration date of the verification in UTC, formatted as yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
pagination object
Name Type Description
number integer Number of current page
size integer Items count in page
total integer Total count of items
links object


(see links object below)
links object
Name Type Description
first string
current string
previous string
next string

Example of request body

GET: /v1/verifications
X-Dexatel-Key: 94d2f2f2884848bca861264ad86d8ace

Example of response body

status - 200


Error Codes

The following error codes are returned in response to a user’s request which contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

Code Description
1620 'data' is required
1621 'data.sender' is required
1622 '' is required
1623 data.template' is required
1624 'data.code_length' is invalid
1625 'data.template' is invalid
1626 'data.template' does not contain keyword {code}