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PBX service

Are you looking for a decent phone line that would do your business justice? Or perhaps you are looking for a telephone solution that wouldn’t let you down on the first day of use? If this is the case, and you have done research to find a relevant service, then you have probably already heard of PBX, haven’t you?

What is the meaning behind PBX? And what exactly does PBX stand for?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and when translated to a standard English language, it means a business standard telephone system. Business standard telephone systems are equipped with some of the most important features businesses need to run their daily operations. Some of these features include customer waiting queues, music on hold, call conferencing, extension dialing, and more. Today, there is a wide variety of PBX systems and phone service providers on the market.

Many PBX systems and phone service providers are in a digital form. Because of this, they mostly rely on a good Internet connection when it comes to both voice and video communications. With this in mind, Dexatel provides its customers with one of the most reliable PBX services on the market. Our PBX service provides our customers with the best communication experience possible.


Some of the most popular PBX systems are Internet Protocol PBX systems helped by steady phone lines with broadband Internet. While buying an analog system is always an option, it is actually not advisable. The main reason why purchasing analog PBX systems is not desirable is because they cannot be upgraded or expanded. In order to install a VoIP PBX system or any other digital hardware system, you need to have an adapter.

PBX systems that deliver voice calls via the Internet are known as VoIP PBX systems. When you have a stable connection to the Internet, your PBX system can provide you with high definition audio quality. What is more, your PBX system can provide you with some other, more advanced features as well. Some of these more advanced features include things like application integration, call queuing, and flexible office hours rules.

One more important element that makes the phone systems work is either the SIP trunking service or Primary Rate Interface. When an organization connects to these services, it can communicate with other companies from all around the globe.

Hosted PBX

When it comes to hosted PBX, it removes the telephone system from an office and places it in the ”cloud”. That being said, hosted PBX can also be called cloud PBX. Hosted PBX services allow businesses to connect with it via the Internet. Also, while hosted PBX systems run similarly to IP PBX systems, VoIP systems actually run the system off-site.

Hosted PBX systems send calls over a network by transforming them into data packages. Those packages are IP based, which is a much cheaper alternative for traditional copper wires. Because of this, VoIP services cut the cost of telephone communication. Another reason for its more affordable pricing is that it can combine telephone and data into one network. Instead of connecting office phones to a switchboard, PBX connects them to a central server.

It is important to know that the service provider takes care of upgrading the PBX software. Since there is no need for you to have any physical equipment lying around your office, maintenance costs are eliminated.

PBX Works With Growing Businesses

Businesses also have the option to install a virtual PBX system. But what exactly is a virtual PBX system? Virtual PBX systems allow businesses to have a separate company house. What this means is that business owners are not responsible for understanding and controlling the technical aspects of a PBX.

The main difference lies in the fact that virtual PBX systems can only run internal calls through the Internet. While it is true that virtual PBX systems offer fewer features than hosted ones, they are also significantly cheaper.

Virtual PBX systems allow you to add as many lines as you want without having to buy any additional hardware. Because of this, virtual PBX systems are ideal for businesses that are still in their growing phase.

Reducing Telecommunication Costs

PBX systems are always the right choice because they remove the need for multiple phone lines and transfers. Of course, this means that using a PBX system can reduce your overall expenses. Also, PBX systems eliminate the need for a dedicated employee to answer the phone and transfer calls.

In addition to that, PBX systems can easily expand with the size of your business. Indeed, most of the installation costs are only for one time. The PBX systems now provide their users with all sorts of features including call transfers, customized greetings, and more. Most importantly, most of them do it for a relatively low price.

Dexatel offers one of the most reliable PBX services that can benefit your business significantly. Having this in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our PBX service. We are here to help you!