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RCS Messaging

What is RCS Messaging

RCS messaging is a solution that allows the default messaging apps of Android devices to send and receive rich media using mobile data only. It includes sending imagery and attachments, seeing live actions like typing, and reports of delivery. RCS went live only in 2018 and is expected to reach the verge of its popularity by 2021.

The current needs in the market of messaging have long surpassed the level of 160 character text messages. Instead, people now use feature-rich messaging apps to be able to send attachments, visuals, stickers, and so on. Therefore, having a default messaging app that can support the features of the third-party messaging app is very useful.

The need to create such a solution for default Android devices when there are dozens of third-party messaging apps partly came from the popularity of iMessage on iOS devices. Despite having so many alternatives, most iOS users still rely on iMessage for texting.

One of the most prominent reasons why the idea of RCS is justified is because of its convenience. As much as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are great messaging apps, users deal with the default messaging app anyway. Apple’s practice of having the traditional SMS app and iMessage together has proved to be functional and convenient for the users.

Currently, RCS messages are practiced among Android users, but there is a vision to make it accessible for iOS devices too. This can be a whole new era for text messaging, yet it is just a concept.


At this point, the difference between RCS and SMS is very obvious. But the question remains: MMS service had been conveying media files like photos or videos for a long time. So, what’s the point of RCS messaging then?

The thing is that MMS messages had only a 1600-character limit. This may seem a lot compared to the 160-character limit of SMS, but it isn’t. Today, media file sizes are growing fast and conveying an ordinary image may not even be possible via MMS.

Besides this, MMS had a major issue with converting the image format and in some cases decreasing its quality heavily to be able to transfer it from one device to another. This is quite impractical, therefore, RCS was a much better solution. It may still decrease the quality of an imagery to a certain degree, but it may not even be noticeable.

RCS Messaging for Business

RCS messaging opens a whole new page for businesses to communicate with their clients. Since it allows conveying rich media via text message, it essentially takes advantage of the 98% open rate of SMS combined with a practical design and live action buttons.

Hence, RCS messaging for business allows companies to get their messages across their clients with more appealing and customized visuals. Moreover, they can have the recipients reply with live action buttons, which gives them wider room to get creative.

RCS messaging for business can also turn the call-to-action phrases into buttons, thus making them more effective. This means that instead of just writing “REGISTER NOW” marketers can put an actual button for the users to register. Similarly, they can set buttons for other actions like buying, subscribing, making reservations, and so on.

Industries That Can Benefit From RCS Message

Food Industry

The food industry is broad, yet almost every component uses some form of SMS marketing. For example, restaurants use text messages to send promotional offers, coupons, news updates, table reservations, and so on.

RCS business messaging can turn that into a completely new level. Restaurants can use it to send special offers and have live action buttons for the recipients to reserve a table, or even order a delivery. Hence, instead of a link that may look suspicious to the customer, restaurants can have actual buttons for them to use.

Real Estate

Although not many real estate agencies know this, but for them SMS marketing is one of the best ways for communication with clients. It is fast, short, and on point. However, those who use SMS marketing to present further details of a certain property need to include a link to the website. This causes the same credibility issues.

Not only RCS messaging hides the suspicious-looking link in the message, but also it can convey the images of a property. This means that the clients can look at the images or even videos of a property without having to visit any website. Besides, RCS will also allow them to make an appointment to go see it too.