Strong Corporate Culture as a Common Phenomenon in Succeeded Businesses

Culture Manifesto Lilia

“The common characteristic of success is the deliberate creation of corporate culture” - Frances Cairncross of The Economist

What We Strive For

Culture is defined by our attitudes, our beliefs, our values, and our actions. It’s visible in the way we treat each other and how we approach our everyday work.

And while the core spirit of our culture is permanent, it will be evolving and progressing throughout the path of our success.

As we continue growing and scaling globally, we need better tools to maintain our cultural pivot, always sharing a core set of values and behaviors across the Company in all countries we operate in.

As in recent years, we’ve grown quickly, we spare no effort to meet all the cultural and ethical requirements of a world-class company, to give a chance to our full potential of constant growth.

Mission, Vision & Values

Dexatel’s mission is to provide the most personalized Cloud Communication solutions and customer journey, and show how personalization works by our example; that is why we don’t refer to business development as trade, but as building strong relations on a personal level.

Our vision of the future in all digital layers implies a world where any intellectual interaction between people, communities and businesses is personalized, leaving no space for generalized, inefficient communication. We believe that only by individual approach on all of the levels can we build the perspective of an extensive culture of mutual care.

To succeed in all of those objectives, I teach my team the following qualities and responsibilities, which are of vital importance in business, communications and overall corporate culture:

  • Drive – Having the passion to go an extra mile and get the job done
  • Ownership – Balancing freedom and responsibility to balance personal mood and work endeavor
  • Impact – Every Dexatelian has a great impact on the product we build and eventually, on company success
  • Growth – Challenging ourselves by setting high goals and work hard for our success and growth
  • Sharing – sharing our knowledge, experience, and good vibes to make the team and Dexatel a better place to succeed.

We spread care, and it pays back in success! And the culture we are building suggests certain qualities and values that a true Dexatelian should take proper care of. For this part of our culture, I advise my teammates to:

Be A Great Teammate

Dexatelians continually raise the bar, delivering outstanding results and inspiring others. There is a strong competition to become a better self and not outdo the colleagues. We always have each other’s back and strive to win together. We are empowered to share our knowledge and guide fellow colleagues with our experience.

Be Enthusiastic

A Dexatelian brings the best-self to work, the desire to improve and learn as well as focus on opportunities - not obstacles. Dexatelians do not wait to be told what to do. Over the years, we’ve noticed that it’s more essential to find enthusiastic people who in turn will motivate others, than puffy professionals with no sense of cultural belonging and care.

Be Yourself

We give a personalized approach not only to our products, but to the employees as well. Each of you is unique. We have the opportunity to be ourselves in Dexatel. By pushing the boundaries of the knowledge and skills, each of you act as an individual that has his/her own vision for the company. That’s what makes our product and system more personalized and people-oriented.

Be A Challenger

We set a high standard for the quality of our work: your skills turn into habits and practice becomes guidance. Knowledge and self-improvement are the main competencies that drive change; so, you are working towards a purpose and what you do affects the Company directly.

Get Things Done

If you’re given a project or a task - it is your responsibility to cut through delays and procrastinations, so get stuff done! We don't use phrases like, “that’s out of my scope”, and that is how we take care of each other as a team.

Be Humble

Here everyone can talk to anyone - from our Board to our CEO and Executive Leadership Team, and all throughout our business. We do not accept hubris and excessive egos. Hierarchy or process for the sake of process has nothing to do with us, and at the end of the day, we’re all just human beings that ought to be in a healthy relationship of mutual care.

Fail and Succeed

And last but not least, we want you to be as comfortable talking about your mistakes as you would rejoice in case of success. We should feel safe raising our hand if we’ve made a mistake. Being able to work with no limitations and insecurity caused by fears, is what gives a chance to our full potential and leads to success.