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Need a flawless service? Dexatel takes care of every path of your journey. Multiple channels like SMS, RCS, or Viber drive deeper customer engagement.
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For Businesses

Use SMS for business communication purposes, whether it is marketing or transactional messaging.

For Operators

Dexatel provides worldwide coverage, that's why it is useful to expand your reach in various countries in the world.

Why Choose Dexatel?

Enough for non-professional services. Dexatel knows exactly what the customer needs, and how to provide the right solutions throughout their journey. Various features are available for easy application, from Viber messaging to rich SMS campaigns. Our experience is proved by many years of consistent work and heavy research on customer behavior.
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Daily voice traffic
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Daily SMS Traffic

Our Platform

Want to start? We give you free credits to test and understand your target market. Dexatel messaging platform can offer clear benefits to your business. Low-cost prices ensure that you won't regret sending SMS, analyzing the results afterward.

Dexatel has a user-friendly platform with rich features to send bulk SMS or to create various campaigns with the help of Viber or Google Rcs.

Send any kind of message you need, from promotional to transactional ones. Engage your customers with professional wording and beautiful media features, like buttons, videos, images, and more.

Dexatel platform is very suitable for any type of company, from insurance to barbershops. We have conducted strong research and created a personalised service for everyone.

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Dexatel aims to build a better future where technology creates good connections and communication for everyone and everywhere.