Dexatel Culture Manifesto!

Mar 03, 2022

Hello folks!

We are happy to share with you the Dexatel Culture Manifesto.

It has been over 5 years since we started Dexatel and while we believe that we’ve built a strong company culture, we haven't communicated it publicly. So we decided to do so.

Culture is defined by our attitudes, our beliefs, our values, and our actions. It’s visible in the way we treat each other and how we approach our everyday work.

And while the core spirit of our culture is permanent, it will be evolving and progressing throughout the path of our success.

As we continue growing and scaling globally, we need better tools to maintain our cultural pivot, always sharing a core set of values and behaviors across the Company in all countries we operate in.

Welcome to Dexatel Culture Manifesto!

What do we mean when we say Dexatel?

Dexatel is an international Cloud Communications Platform. The Cloud Communications industry is innovating and thriving as fast as no other industry does nowadays.

In the course of Covid 19 out- burst, every single company is going digital. For us, the most important part is that all kinds of firms are transferring all business communications into digital which means they are using SMS more, WhatsApp more, Viber more, etc.

In recent years we’ve grown quickly, a big-time, and now we need to put our efforts into truly becoming a world-class business and realizing the full potential of that growth.

Our Mission

Dexatel’s mission is to provide the most personalized Cloud Communication solutions and customer journey and show how personalization works by our example.

Our Vision

A reality where every business message will be written for a particular customer so customers will only get relevant information at a relevant time.

Our Values

We aim to live and work by our Core Values!


Having the passion to go the extra mile and get the job done;


Balancing freedom and responsibility;


Each one at Dexatel has a great impact on the product we build and eventually, on company success.


Challenging yourself by setting high goals and working hard for your success and growth;


sharing your knowledge, experience, and good vibes to make your team and Dexatel a better place to succeed.

Dexatel is a Great Work-place!

Great Workplace means Outstanding People

Premium coffee, luxurious benefits, flashy offices, and other perks - we do most of them but only when they help attract and retain outstanding people.

We know what our people need without them having to tell us. We get there by being empathetic and developing our emotional intelligence. This comes with a commitment to ensuring we maintain a happy workplace.

Those whom we see as our outstanding team members and promote them demonstrate the following behaviors and skills:

  • Getting the Job Done
  • Staying Focused
  • Driving Results
  • Celebrating Wins

We hire, promote, and dismiss thoughtfully so we have real Dexatelians in each position in the company.

Who is the real Dexatelian?

Some facts about us:

We’re a group of over 50 people of unique individuals in the cloud communications industry. Majority of our workforce are aged between 23 and 34, and around twenty percent of our people are 35+.

We love working with young people and progressing their careers, we know as well that it is important to consolidate experience and knowledge to support this.

We’re equal in terms of gender diversity, and we also have team members from over 15 diverse backgrounds and regions. We love learning about our differences and are a big part of what makes our workplace special.

Dexatelians are Rockstars who perform on the international scene.

You are a true Dexatelian if you aim to

Be Customer Focused

What this means for you as a Dexatelian, is to extend to our customers an individual and caring approach, by understanding their needs and making their journey with us smooth and unique.

It does not matter if you are a sales manager, marketer, or developer - customer needs are the most im- important thing in your job.

Be a Great Teammate

Dexatelians continually raise the bar, delivering outstanding results and inspiring others. There is strong competition to become a better self and not outdo the colleagues. We always have each other’s back and strive to win together.

We are empowered to share our knowledge and guide fellow colleagues with our experience. We are team players and understand our roles in the Company, to achieve the best of our potential.

Be Enthusiastic

It is when there’s a spark in your eyes when you engage in the work you love. A Dexatelian brings the best self to work, the desire to improve and learn as well as focus on opportunities - not obstacles.

Dexatelians do not wait to be told what to do. Over the years, we’ve noticed that it’s more essential to find enthusiastic people who in turn will motivate others.

Through your enthusiasm, you can easily adjust the tone for the rest of the team and set an excellent example for everyone to follow.

Be Yourself

We give a personalized approach not only to our products but to the employees as well.

Each Dexatelian is unique. Dexatelians have the opportunity to be themselves in Dexatel.

By pushing the boundaries of the knowledge and skills each employee is an individual that has their own vision for the company. That’s what makes our product more personalized.

Be Humble

Here everyone can talk to anyone - from our Board to our CEO and Executive Leadership Team, and all throughout our business. We do not accept hubris and excessive egos.

Hierarchy or process for the sake of process is not about us, and at the end of the day, we’re all just human beings.

Be a Challenger

We set a high standard for the quality of our work: skills turn into habits and practice becomes guidance.

Knowledge and self-improvement are the main competencies that drive change: you are working towards a purpose and what you do affects the Company directly.

You are encouraged to think outside the box and be passionate about what you do.

Get things Done

Procrastinating on things is easy, but not fun so we make things happen. We take ownership of our work.

These principles are far more important, on things that involve other people. If you’re given a project or a task - it is your responsibility to cut through delays and procrastination, get stuff done.

We’re not a large corporate workplace where things are stuck so we don't use phrases like, “that’s out of my scope”.

And we drive leads/deals towards closure.

Fail and Succeed

We want Dexatelians to be as comfortable talking about mistakes as they are talking about successes. We really want to build a team of confident leaders who have judgment and make decisions for themselves. We feel safe raising our hands if we’ve made a mistake.

Being able to work every day without being limited by our fears is the only way any of us can truly achieve our potential.

We’ll get there, by making it safe to share our concerns, openly ask questions, and actively work to find solutions together.

There’s no blame game. When things go wrong, and they sometimes do, we do not get all weepy, we just move forward and seize our victory.

Be Owners

We created a stock option scheme for everyone at the Company as we are convinced that shared ownership means shared commitment for our results.

We do not lie, nor steal, nor cheat - and we do not let the others do it.

We appreciate loyalty. We want people to stick with us in Dexatel’s good or bad times. However, the unlimited loyalty to a diminishing firm, or to an inefficient employee is not about Dexatel.

And we pick up the trash lying on the floor.

Our Golden Rules

Appreciate your colleague's time

You always remember that your colleagues have as many important tasks as you do, so if you need help to accomplish a task, first, do everything at your part, then create a list of questions and send it to your colleague via email or messenger, instead of approaching that colleague every 5 minutes with a new question.

Appreciate your own time

You do not spend hours on meetings and discussions about how to do the task as you should be prepared enough to choose the best solution yourself.

First things first

If there are too many tasks on your To-Do list, which is fine, as Dexatel is growing fast, ask yourself which one will bring the most value to the Company, which one is the most important right now, which one will impact Companies revenue right now, then cut the noise and get the job done.

Your colleague is your brother in arms

If you have a task to accomplish in 1 hour, and your colleague needs your help to accomplish his/her own task, prioritize - if a colleague’s task is more important for the Company just let your lead know that you will do your task an hour later.

Be a permanent learner

You need to see how things work in the real world, study what top competitors do, see what various research institutions and credible publishers write.

The good news is that it’s very easy and accessible to learn things in the digital age, there are a lot of professional e-learning courses you can take.

Why does speed matter at Dexatel?

We are fast, really fast. For some people, our speed might seem unreasonably high, but it’s the mode we take toward our success - a speed mode. For most Dexatelians, once they get used to the pace, they never want to slow down!

Our industry means that the traditional office working hours’ set-up doesn’t work for us. And it doesn't mean that we want the team to work 24/7, because that’s also not the case.

However, we do put our customers first, which means we pay attention to our messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, or email during off-peak hours. It is not required but we sometimes put in hours on evenings or weekends to reach first to the finish line.

Is Dexatel right for you?

We hope that Dexatel Culture Manifesto inspires you and aligns with your personal values and morals If it doesn’t, then, probably, Dexatel may not be the right fit for you.

If reading this manifesto has made you feel excited and passionate - like we felt when we created it - then we look forward to moving together through the path of our joint success!

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