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What Are Flash Calls?

Flash calls refer to a type of authentication method that’s implemented using a CPaaS provider. This is when a user receives an automated phone call containing a unique code that they enter into an app or website to verify their identity.

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Immediate and reliable authentication solution

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Easily accessible via regular phone calls or other voice channels

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Eliminates the need for manual entry or physical devices

Monetize Flash Calls And Reap the Benefits


Easy and Seamless

Flash calls provide a fast and hassle-free way to authenticate users. Users simply need to answer the automated call and enter the verification code.



Thanks to flash calling authentication, gaining unauthorized access becomes a lot more difficult due to the added layer of security.



This verification process is affordable since it doesn't require any extra hardware or software—just a phone number and an internet connection!



Flash calls require minimal input and help improve the customer experience for those who are often on the go and don't want to spend time entering codes.



Not only are flash calls compatible with a variety of devices, but you can also use them in industries like eCommerce, banking, healthcare, and more.



If a user is unable to receive a flash call, the fallback option allows the to receive the verification code via A2P SMS, WhatsApp, or other channels.

Trending Use Cases of Flash Call Verification

Account Login

Revamp account logins with flash calling authentication. By opting for this alternative to passwords, users can receive a verification code via a flash call instead of entering a password.

Use Cases of Flash Call Verification

2F Authentication

Take your security up a notch by using flash calling authentication as a second factor. Users enter their password via a flash call instead of SMS authentication to ensure security.

Two Factor Authentication

Transaction Authorization

Instead of relying solely on one-time passwords or other traditional methods, users can receive a quick flash call to authorize purchases or fund transfers, giving them peace of mind.

Flash Calling Authentication

Identity Verification

Opt for a secure and efficient identity verification solution with flash calls or Verified SMS, especially in the healthcare and finance sectors so users can securely access sensitive info.

Use Cases of Flash Call Verification

Password Reset

Revolutionize the password reset process so that users can receive verification codes via flash calls, eliminating the need for another OTP or a lengthy email verification method.

Use Cases of Flash Call Verification
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Flash Call Queries? Find the Answers Here

What Is An A2P Flash Call?

An A2P flash call is a type of automated phone call service that is initiated by a business or organization as part of their application-to-person messaging strategy. A2P flash calls are often used in industries such as finance, healthcare, and eCommerce, where security is of the utmost importance.

How Does Flash Call Verification Work?

When a user attempts to log in to an application or website that uses flash calls, they will receive an automated phone call with a verification code. The user then enters the code into the application or website to verify their identity.

Are Flash Calls Food for the User Experience?

Yes, flash calls can be good for user experience as they provide a quick and user-friendly authentication method. Since they only require a user to answer an automated call and enter a verification code, it can be a more seamless authentication process compared to traditional password-based authentication methods.

What Devices Are Compatible With Flash Calls?

Flash calls are compatible with all mobile devices with an iOS or Android operating system. With Android, the code is processed automatically. However, with iOS or the web, users must input the code manually.

Are Flash Calls Cost-Effective?

Yes, flash calls are quite affordable. According to studies, using flash calls can result in about 60% cost reduction compared to using SMS for authentication purposes. This is due to the fact that flash calls use VoIP technology, which allows for the transmission of voice and data over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional telephone networks and associated charges.

What Happens When I Get Missed Flash Call?

If you receive a missed voice call, it means that the authentication process was not completed successfully. To verify your identity, you will need to initiate the process again and receive a new flash call with a unique code to enter.

What Is A Voice Firewall?

A voice firewall is a security feature used to protect against voice-based attacks on a telephony network. It monitors incoming and outgoing voice traffic, identifies potential security threats, and blocks any unauthorized or suspicious activity. Voice firewalls are commonly used by organizations to secure their telephony systems and prevent fraud or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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