Texting Solutions
for Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of enrolling new people in an organization. The future of the recruitment industry depends on clear and straightforward communication with the candidates. For a better reputation for your company, the communication process should be quick, direct, and short.

SMS Service for Recruitment


Inform your candidates about the time and venue of the interview by an SMS. It should cover all the necessary details.

“Hi Andrew, this is John Calvin from Adecco Recruitment Agency. I’m just confirming your interview for 04/07/2020 at 9 AM sharp. Please make sure to bring along your ID and resume. Here is the address: INSERT ADDRESS.

Remind about
Career Days

Hire new candidates by updating people about new vacancies by just an SMS.

“We are hiring an HR Manager in USP Recruitment. Visit our company for a job application.”

Company Event

Remind candidates about the important upcoming events via SMS to make sure of their presence and participation.

Hello Mark! Chris Rock Night is happening tomorrow from 8 PM to 11 PM at Grey Staffing Company. INSERT ADDRESS’’


Opt-in confirmation SMS can help you find out if your messages are going to the right person.

“Hi, John! Reply with a YES if you applied for an HR Manager Post today at USD Recruitment Centre.”


You can communicate instantly via SMS with your team or a team member.

“Team, please be alert of maintaining discipline.”

Job opportunity

Inform about the new jobs to the other person via SMS for instant delivery of your message

“Tom – just got word there’s a marketing position available in your favorite place! Give me a call tomorrow to get the details.”

Job Application

What is the status of the job application given by a specific candidate? Send a personalized SMS for the candidate’s satisfaction.

“Hi Arnold, this is David Mallon from POH Staffing Company. We received your job application at the recent job fair and wanted to know an excellent time to set up an interview. Thanks!


To improve your services and know how satisfied the customer is, you can ask them via SMS.

“Hi Ron, we would love to know about your recent experience at Red Sky Spa; please take a moment out and answer a few questions on the given link. www.link.com”


Through SMS surveys, you will be able to know how well you are attending to your customers.

“Hey Alina, we are conducting a survey regarding our services for our valuable customers, and your response would be appreciated.
Please follow this link to our survey. www.link.com”

SMS Usage Statistics in the Recruitment Industry

64% of consumers have a positive perception of the companies that communicate via SMS.
53% of candidates trust a company when it responds via SMS quickly.
73% of job searchers would favor targeted job opportunities via SMS.

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