Texting Solutions
for Utilities

Nowadays, people’s dependence on mobile phones has increased a lot. The public prefers to cover half of their utility work through mobile phones. SMS service is a quick way for communicating when a power outage has occurred, for weather alerts, tree trimming operation, water outage, and payment reminders to their consumers.

SMS Service for Utilities


You can quickly know if your services are being provided to the right people by just an opt-in confirmation SMS.

“Thank you for taking out time and reading our SMS alerts. Kindly reply with YES for confirmation if you recently subscribed to our service.”


You can quickly remind your customers about the various payment alerts of different sectors such as water, electricity, natural gas, etc., via SMS.

“Hey Harry, this is just a friendly reminder to pay Rs.10,000 for your electricity bill for this month to avoid late fees as the due date for payment is ending in two days. Please visit (here) to pay online.
Kind regards
Energy Supply Co.”


To ensure progress in the services provided to the public, you should ask for feedback from your customers via SMS. This also builds the customer’s trust in the utilities.

“Hi Susan, our workers came to your place to fix the power outage. Kindly share your response regarding the services served to you. Please visit (here). Thank you for your valuable time.”


SMS communication allows you to know if your customers are satisfied with your services or not.

“Hello, John! We received your complaint regarding weak WIFI signals. Please tell us if we are successful in solving the problem. Reply with Y/N”

SMS Usage Statistics in the Retail Industry

68% of customers use texting in case of billing issues. - Saasscout
Over 50% of customers want tips regarding a reduction in the amount of electricity bill. - Textmagic
In the UK, 23% of males and 14% of females say that they prefer getting SMS notifications regarding their utility bills. – Textmagic

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