Infrastructure as a Service

Telecoms can drastically reduce their workload and enhance their operational potential by focusing on outsourcing voice and SMS departments.

Infrastructure as a service

Why Do You Need to Outsource as Telecom

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Eliminate standard routine processes

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Cut unnecessary spendings

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Lower staff count

What Do You Get as a Dexatel Partner

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Data Record Mediation

We offer mediation of different formats of raw data as well as statistics. Dexatel handles dealing with the entire process of CDR collection and mediation.

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Agreement Managment

We help organize reference data related to clients and suppliers, as well as manage carrier agreements to protect from financial losses and extra payments.

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CDR Processing

We provide a network monitoring service that helps compile real-time information to solve related issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Customer Support

The best reward is customer success, so rest assured that we will cover you at every stage of your journey.



Dexatel offers considerably broad coverage. We have over 300 global interconnections with MNOs and MVNOs.



Our goal is to provide high-quality network services. We scale with your needs and adjust to the traffic when it increases in the future.



Take advantage of an efficient customer platform with a plethora of features. Make use of reports to greatly simplify your work.



Our network is designed in a way that guarantees success by enhancing operational efficiencies and further improving the output.

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