Voice and sms outsourcing
For telecom companies

Telecom Companies can reduce their workload drastically, and can enhance their operations. To be more precise, Telecom Companies should focus on outsourcing voice and SMS services.

Technology is moving at a top speed. There is no denying the fact that the increase in the use of technology has ultimately proliferated the work of Telecom Companies. Therefore, managing all of the work and operations have now become quite difficult. The only solution that seems pertinent in this situation is outsourcing.

Why do you need to outsource
As a Telecom?

There are a ton of reasons as to why you need to outsource as a Telecom. As mentioned above as well, the speed at which things are moving, it is now quite arduous to handle the load and therefore being a Telecom operator, it won’t be easy to operate services like Voice and SMS. In addition to this, it is way too costly and involves a lot of time as well which you can invest in other services and get a better return.

When you outsource your services as a Telecom, you ultimately reduce the risk of large initial capital investment. Also, by outsourcing that particular service, you won’t be needing more human resources, which as a result helps you cut that large operating costs.

In addition to that, the Telecom Companies can focus on their core competencies. They can make it more effective. It is obvious that if you work more on what you are good at, it ultimately becomes your powerful tool. So rather than spreading focus on various services, a Telecom operator can simply work on one core section.

By outsourcing, the Telecom Companies can make their existing services more efficient. They can work on them by innovating new functions and provide better services to the customers. They can scale up the services at their offerings.

Moreover, by outsourcing, companies can utilize their time in research and can work on different services that may prove out to be beneficial and profitable. Also, they can make strategies through extensive research that can protect the existing services from getting defunct in the future. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

Another important reason you should outsource as Telecom is that it will help you in keeping your customers satisfied and you can completely focus on them. You can keep your customers satisfied by utilizing long distance voice networks that have a global reach. It may be expensive, but it will be worth the money.

What Will You Get As A Dexatel Partner?

Partnership with Dexatel is going to be fruitful for you. You will get your hands on various services.


Call Data Record Mediation

In the process of billing, the most essential and the first step which gets involved is  CDR (Call Data Record) mediation. Knowing this fact, we offer mediation of different formats of raw data. Moreover, with Dexatel you will also get the luxury of statistics and information retrieval. You can obtain the information you need immediately and can enhance your performance by analyzing that. Also, we will deal with the whole process of CDR collection and mediation.

Management of References and Agreements

Dexatel will help in the management and organization of reference data related to clients and suppliers. It is essential as, without reference data, information is worthless and would not help in improving performance. The evaluation process becomes quite difficult without it. In addition to this, we will also manage Carrier agreements. It will protect from losses and extra payments.

CDR Processing

We will provide you with the network monitoring service that will help in the collection of real-time information which can then be analyzed and issues related to it can be solved quickly. This will ultimately increase customer satisfaction. 

System Administration

Also, we will handle the system administration and will make sure that everything is operating effectively and smoothly without any sort of hindrance in the operations.


Not just that, but you will also get standard reports so that you can easily analyze and evaluate. You can use those reports and can make important decisions. We will generate the standard reports for you.


Last but not the least, being a Dexatel partner, you will also get an accurate invoice without any error.


Rate Management

With Dexatel, you will get automatic validation of rates and their history as well. It will help you in simplifying the process and make it more clear. The automation will make things more efficient and structured. The automation will not just work in the validation process, but it will also be present in the import of dial codes and rates. It overall enhances the process.

Built-in rate editor

Being a partner of Dexatel, you get the perfect selling price and buy targets that will help you in setting goals and objectives realistically. Moreover, Dexatel will offer the services of a Built-in rate editor as well.

History Reporting

In addition to this, Dexatel will provide you with adjustable liquidity Ratio reports. You can use them to make changes and adjustments so that you can maintain your liquidity needs without getting into any sort of trouble.

24/7 Customer Support Service

Dexatel believes in providing the best services to the customers. For us, our customers are the most important thing.

Therefore, for any of the queries, our customer support staff is live 24/7. You can contact us through our website.


Dexatel offers you very broad coverage. With our top-notch call termination services, you can terminate calls all around the globe.


Dexatel is one of the most reliable service providers among other competitors. Our goal and objective are to provide hassle-free top-quality network services to our customers. In addition to this, we also offer up-gradation which can help in accommodating and handling current traffic and that which may increase in the future.


With Dexatel, you get an efficient customer portal through which you can easily manage your services securely. Also, it will be a 24/7 customer portal. Moreover, you can also make the process of managing services smooth and more effective. In addition to this, Dexatel provides you the convenience of reports. You can utilize those reports and make your job more comfortable and easier. It is time-efficient and more effective.


Our network is designed in a way that guarantees you success by enhancing operational efficiencies and further improving the output you will gain.

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