Telecom Suite

Integrate communication channels, optimize workflows, streamline protocols, and enhance customer interactions with Dexatel's telecom suite.

Telecom Suite

Benefit FromOmnichannel Communications







Customer Self-Carefor Operational Efficiency

Telecom operators rely on us for seamless customer interactions—boost your operational efficiency to effortlessly meet diverse customer needs.

Efficient Complaints Handling

Resolve customer complaints swiftly for a positive experience.

Billing Transparency

Provide customers with clarity on billing matters to foster trust.

Comprehensive Call Records Management

Streamline managing call records for customers and operators.

Real-Time Balance Consumption Monitoring

Provide customers with insights into their balance consumption.

Seamless Subscription to New Services

Facilitate subscription to new services for better customer engagement.

Campaign Management

Incorporating omnichannel strategies into campaign management is integral for telecom operators who want to maximize the reach, impact, and efficiency of their promotional efforts.

We equip operators with powerful tools for this purpose—from targeting to analytics, our solutions endorse dynamic in-campaign management.

With increased engagement, optimized targeting, and real-time adaptability, our omnichannel solution contributes to a higher ROI.

Advertise New Services

Strategically promote and showcase your latest telecom services to a wider audience.

Product Promotion

Boost your product visibility and market presence through targeted promotional campaigns.

Policy Updates Communication

Keep your customers informed by efficiently communicating company policies and updates.

Two-Way CommunicationServices for Local Businesses

Telecom operators are key to facilitating two-way communication services for local businesses as part of their service offerings. The infrastructure and expertise allows you to provide businesses with the necessary tools to manage effective communication channels.

Package these services as part of your offerings to provide businesses with communication solutions that drive engagement and growth.

Accessible Interaction

Offer users a convenient channel to engage with their service provider for various needs.

Efficient Trouble Ticket Handling

Streamline the process of submitting and resolving trouble tickets for prompt issue resolution.

Order Placement Made Simple

Encourage users to effortlessly place orders and enhancing the overall customer experience.

General Queries About Coverage and Timings

Offer a platform for users to inquire about coverage areas, operational timings, and more.

Implementation and Support

Implementing your telecom operations with Dexatel's omnichannel CPaaS solution is a no-brainer. We provide a unified platform that offers a comprehensive space for an array of service options.

Our platform is designed to streamline and consolidate various operational aspects—a singular hub for efficient management.

Implementation and Support

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