Text Messaging Services for Schools: Why You Need it

Text Messaging Service for Schools
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Jul 9, 2019

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SMS Alert System for Schools

School Text Messages for Parents

Imagine you’re getting ready for school only to find out class has been canceled—except you never got the news. You end up being the only student going to class, all because you didn’t read your emails before leaving your house.

But, what if you received an instant SMS text message from your school and university letting you know class was canceled? What if your school regularly sent mass text messages for emergency updates, class cancellations, and special meetings via SMS? What if educational institutions utilized SMS marketing for schools? What if text messaging for schools was the new normal?

Communicating through mobile phones has made things significantly easier for schools. Faculties can now communicate with their students by sending them text messages regarding important information. Bulk text services for schools allow the staff to directly keep in touch with students. They can be sure that their message will reach everyone swiftly and efficiently.

Educational institutions gather students’ phone numbers during the admission period. And since the database already exists, text marketing for schools becomes even more effortless. School texting services contain a variety of options based on the number of students, frequency of sending messages, and so on.

SMS ensures students receive and read necessary messages. As an essential communication channel, it prevents students from encountering issues.

One might argue that a school can send these important messages and notifications via email. And while that is an accepted method of communication, email has an open rate of 21.3%. Meanwhile, text messages have a bigger advantage; SMS has a 99% open rate. This shows that using SMS is a better communication strategy to send urgent messages and avoid mix-ups. Besides, you can always convert your emails into SMS.

SMS Alert System for Schools

Schools face several organizational issues daily that students need to know about. These issues can be deadline and school event reminders, changes in curriculum, new appointments, and so on. In most of these cases, the school must inform students right away and make sure they received the message. This is where an SMS alert system comes in handy.

Let’s say there was a heavy snowstorm and the road to school was blocked. As a result, the faculty decides to conduct classes virtually and has to let students know as soon as possible. A functioning school SMS messaging system is the best way to make sure everyone knows about this change.

Text marketing guarantees that all students—or at least the vast majority of them—read and received the message. Simply text students to let them everything in advance. Similarly, if there is a problem with campus facilities, everyone in the building would need to know about the issue.

A school text system can also be used for small groups of students. For instance, if there are students who haven’t completed their core courses, the school may notify them to take measures. When using text messaging for schools, you can ensure that they received the message and are proceeding with further instruction. Basically, educational institutions can reap the benefits of SMS marketing for schools in a variety of instances.

School Text Messages for Parents

A school SMS system is useful not only for students, but also for their parents. Sending SMS to parents establishes more trust in the school they’ve chosen for their child. A school may send text messages for parent conferences, payment reminders, children’s absences, and similar issues.

School text messages to parents can increase the interaction with the educational institution. This is even more important for elementary or middle school parents since their children need more supervision. These kinds of alerts provide parents insight into how their children are behaving and how well they are doing at school.

Moreover, school SMS systems are just as necessary for high school students’ parents as well. Despite being mature, high school students are still under the supervision of their parents. From alerting student absences to sending exam results, text messages to parents help understand how children perform at school.