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WhatsApp API: The Cost to Initiate a WhatsApp Conversation









Monthly fee :


WhatsApp Business Platform

Conversation-Based Pricing Model

Businesses are billed based on 24-hour conversation categories.

Marketing Conversations

These cover promotions, product suggestions, abandoned carts, and anything non-authentication or utility related.

Utility Conversations

A utility conversation includes transaction-related notifications like post-purchase updates and recurring billing statements.

Authentication Conversations

An authentication conversation involves delivering one-time passcodes at any journey stage, from account recovery to integrity challenges.

Service Conversations

Service messages are user-initiated conversations for customer inquiries, allowing businesses to respond within 24 hours.

How Can You Pay?

Dexatel offers security and flexibility in payment methods. You can pay with any of the options below. Rest assured, your financial information is safe with us

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer



Credit Card

Credit Card

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API serves as a powerful tool for businesses, offering a more robust solution beyond the free entry point conversations available on the WhatsApp Business app. With the API, businesses can send free-form messages, enhancing communication and engagement with customers.

Rich Media Sharing

Share images, videos, and documents to have WhatsApp conversations more effectively, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Brand Credibility

Establish trust and credibility with customers by using the official WhatsApp Business API for professional interactions.

Template Message

Utilize template messages for consistent and structured communication so you can ensure a standardized brand voice.

Automation Opportunities

Automate responses for customer messages to streamline interactions, provide prompt assistance, and elevate satisfaction.

Secure Communication

Ensure the confidentiality of customer information with end-to-end encryption, fostering a secure and trustworthy environment.

SMS Fallback

Benefit from SMS fallback capabilities, ensuring message delivery even if the recipient is temporarily unavailable on WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp Business Statistics

What You Can DoWith WhatsApp Business API Account

Customer Communication

Initiate and respond to conversations within the 24-hour customer service window.

AI Chatbots

Implement chatbots for streamlined interactions and automate responses.


Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems and other tools for a unified workflow.

Multi-Agent Collaboration

Enable collaboration among multiple agents to enhance customer support efforts.

Why Choose Dexatel for WhatsApp Cloud API Access

Omnichannel Platform

Omnichannel Platform

Through our software, you’ll find each business sender ID you have—from Viber and other channels—in a unified, convenient multi-user dashboard.



Benefit from our affordable pricing for worldwide Viber coverage without any hidden fees or complicated pricing structures.

Added Features

Added Features

Take advantage of additional Viber features, including templates, campaign creation, A/B testing, and extended analytics.

How to Set Up WhatsApp BusinessAccounts With Dexatel

Sign Up With Dexatel

Sign up on the Dexatel platform and get your account verified.

Open a WhatsApp Business Account

Set up your account and WhatsApp sender ID on the omnichannel dashboard.

Start Sending WhatsApp Messages

Initiated conversations with your customers and launch WhatsApp campaigns.

Got Questions?We Have Answers

Is There a Free WhatsApp Business App?

Yes, the WhatsApp Business app is free to use for basic communication. For advanced features and automation, businesses can explore the WhatsApp Business API.

How Much Does WhatsApp Business API Cost?

WhatsApp Business API pricing varies based on conversation categories and usage.

What is a Conversation Category?

Conversation categories on the WhatsApp Business platform include marketing, utility, authentication, and service. Each category has different rates for WhatsApp conversation charges.

What is a Business-Initiated Conversation?

Business-initiated conversations are those where businesses initiate contact with customers. A user-initiated conversation is vice versa.

What Are Free Entry Point Conversations?

Free entry points allows businesses to engage in conversations initiated by customers without incurring charges. These free tier conversations are applicable within the initial 24-hour window.

What Are Service Conversations and How Are They Different from Others?

A service conversation focuses on customer support and issue resolution.

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