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Enjoy unlimited text messaging with our SMS API. Integrate your platform with Dexatel and experience smooth automated messaging to meet all your business needs.


What Is an SMS API?

Software Integration Interface (SMS API) is a software interface that makes it possible to send short messages via a cloud hosted platform.

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Send text messages directly from your application.

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Incorporate gateway features into your website, software, or CRM system.

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Merges different systems into one practical control center.

Our APIs



Automate your business communications and operation processes.


Balance API

Review your balance so you don’t run out of credits when sending SMS messages.

Simplified With Text Message API

User Authentication

SMS OTP API is the fastest, most secure, and affordable method to verify or authenticate users. Our API carries out this function within minutes.

User Authentication

Wishlist Reminders

Automatically send text message reminders to users who added products to their wishlist and have not bought them yet.


Appointment Reminders

Send appointment texts by typing in codes to implement in your CRM system so the system automatically sends a reminder.

Appointment Reminders

Test Our SMS API For Free

Send single or bulk messages by making requests to our API. In the body, type in the recipients’ phone numbers, text messages, and additional data; our system handles the rest from there.

Creating an SMS API Connection

Log into your account on the Dexatel platform

Go to APIs and press “Add new key”

Enter a name for your connection

Click on “Create”

Go to “Documentation”

Set up necessary configuration from your application

Send test messages to make a trial run

Send SMS automatically according to our API rules

SMS API Pricing

Our pay-as-you-go approach charges you per sent message, which is the most affordable SMS gateway pricing model. You will be free of setup, monthly, or any other fees.