Viber Business PricingLittle Cost for Large Impact

Engage a large audience for a small price per message with Viber for Business


Viber for Business Prices: The Cost to Send Viber Business Messages


Per promotional message:

$ 0.00

Per transactional message:

$ 0.00


Per session message:

$ 0.00

Monthly fee:

$ 0.00

Viber Business Messages Pricing Layout

Transactional Viber Messages

Charged only for message delivered

Promotional Viber Messages

Charged only for message delivered

Conversation Session Messages

One-time charge for a whole conversation session

Monthly Minimum Fee

Price for using it every calendar month

How Can You Pay?

Dexatel offers security and flexibility in payment methods. You can pay with any of the options below. Rest assured, your financial information is safe with us

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer



Credit Card

Credit Card

What Is Viber Business?

As the sub-platform of the app, Viber for Business is a communication channel that allows companies and organizations to communicate with customers from multiple countries and carry out personalized conversations. The messaging platform makes it easy for large businesses to send transactional and promotional messages in high volumes directly to the recipients’ Viber inboxes.

Global User Base

With over 1 billion users across 193 countries, Viber is largely popular for one-on-one messaging. This includes business-to-consumer communication.

Guaranteed Delivery

Your messages reach their destination one way or another. If the recipient loses internet access or doesn’t have Viber, the message falls back to SMS.

Branded Look

You get a verified profile with a blue tick in addition to your company title appearing as your Viber username, effectively boosting brand recognition.

Secure Communication

Every text you send and receive through the app's service is encrypted from end to end, allowing for secure communication and the protection of data.

Expanded Reach

The ubiquity of Viber Business makes it ideal for both transactional and promotional messages, driving communications wherever your audiences are.

Lightning Speed

Messages you send reach their intended recipients with lightning-fast speed. You can communicate in real time and stay ahead of the curve.


users worldwide


active users per month


on average spent per interaction


messages sent by brands

Viber Statistics

Connect With Your AudienceWith Viber Through Dexatel

By using Viber Business via Dexatel’s omnichannel platform, you benefit from both Viber’s advantages and those of Dexatel. Our business messaging software offers full access to a rich variety of extra tools that you can leverage to reach your customers efficiently, effectively, and ultimately drive sales. With the growing popularity of Viber, it’s where you’ll find your customers. This is your chance to meet them where they are—through Viber advertising.

What You Can DoWith Viber Business

Push Notifications

Grab your recipient’s attention with a Viber push notification that appears on their lock screen.

Versatile Messaging

Use Viber Business to deliver transactional and promotional messages individually or in bulk.

Rich Communication

Engage your customers with rich media like images, buttons, and custom brand stickers.

AI Chatbots

Streamline daily processes and be available 24/7 with customizable AI-powered chatbots.

API Integration

Connect your Viber Business account with CRM systems and CMS software to boost workflow.

Why Choose Dexatel for Viber?

Official Partner

Official Partner

Dexatel is the official partner of Viber. We can help you set up your Viber Business account and answer any questions you may have.

Omnichannel Platform

Omnichannel Platform

Through our software, you’ll find each business sender ID you have—from Viber and other channels—in a unified, convenient multi-user dashboard.



Benefit from our affordable pricing for worldwide Viber coverage without any hidden fees or complicated pricing structures.

Added Features

Added Features

Take advantage of additional Viber features, including templates, campaign creation, A/B testing, and extended analytics.

How to Set Up Viber BusinessViber Business Accounts With Dexatel

Sign Up With Dexatel

Start by signing up for an account on the Dexatel platform. Our support team can assist you every step of the way.

Open a Business Account

We will guide you through the process of setting up your account and Viber sender ID on the omnichannel interface.

Start Sending Your Messages

Once you’re registered and you have your customer’s permission to send messages on the app, you can initiate the chat.

Got Questions?We Have Answers

How Can I Choose the Best Viber Pricing Plan?

Viber doesn’t have a tiered or subscription-based pricing plan. You only have a monthly fee and the cost of every text you deliver, which is the minimum commitment for the messaging service. Viber Business pricing differs from one country to another and depends on whether the delivered messages are transactional or promotional (except for the minimum monthly fee). You’ll also have a different price for conversational messages.

What Is a Conversation Session?

A conversation session begins when a customer sends a message to a business and ends after 24 hours. Once those 24 hours pass or the 60-message limit is reached, the session automatically finishes. A new one begins the next time a customer delivers a message.

Can I Contact a Customer Outside of a Conversation Session?

Messages that you send after a conversation session are charged the same way as promotional and transactional ones; you pay for each text you deliver. A response from the recipient or customer will initiate a new session, in which case session fees apply.

What Are Viber Chatbots?

A Viber chatbot is a cost-effective messaging tool that lets businesses communicate with many customers at the same time using automation. You can use it to deliver a welcome message or a seasonal coupon. This tool is separated into Viber Chatbot Session Messages, which is when customers initiate a conversation, and Viber Chatbot-Initiated Messages, which is when the chatbot sends the first message.

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