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Elevate trust and security in your operations with our cost-efficient and easy-to-integrate API, designed to streamline verification processes and safeguard access to sensitive data.

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Embrace Security With Top-Tier Protection



Global connection, no internet required.

Elevate your security game with our cutting-edge one-time password verification solution. Seamlessly authenticate users, guaranteeing reliable access, all while safeguarding your digital assets.

Top Use Cases for Verify API

Banking Transactions

Banking Transactions

Choosing the Dexatel Verify API Is Choosing Security

99.95% uptime


SMS delivery in under 5 seconds

Handle up to 2M SMS/minute

Dexatel Verify API

What You Get Using Dexatel’s Verify API

Automatic OTP Delivery

Effortlessly secure user access with our automatic OTP dispatch.

Intelligent Auto-Check

Elevate verification accuracy with our smart auto-check feature.

Activation Rate Insights

Gain valuable insight on user engagement through our activation rate statistics.

Proactive Suspicion Detection

We safeguard your system by proactively identifying and blocking suspicious requests

We Are Your #1 Choice for Verify API

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy cost-efficiency through our seamless pay-as-you-go pricing. No surprises, just smart spending for your messaging campaigns.



Experience peace of mind with our robust security measures. Your data is safeguarded with state-of-the-art protocols.



Our services are consistently available, delivering a seamless and dependable experience for your business needs.

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