Texting Solutions
for Retail

Communication is an integral part of the retail industry as its purpose is to build a relationship with the customers by providing them with effective customer services. With two-way messaging, you can simplify and automate customer support at the most affordable cost.

SMS Service for Retail


Loyalty programs are for your loyal customers to make their lives easier. Amazing discounts and offers via SMS can be sent with insurance of good customer services.

“Hey Mike, want two gifts for the price of one? Get one personalized jacket + a gift with purchase. Shop here: www.link.com’’

New Product

SMS is a quick way to update your customer about the new product arrival.

“Introducing Body Stackers Union Full-Zip Hoodie. Buy now before it runs out of stock! Shop now on www.link.com’’


Give your customers a chance to buy the ‘most wanted’ products at a discounted price by sending them an exclusive coupon through SMS

“Sports 1: It’s almost swimming season, are you ready? Today only all swimsuits are Buy 1 get 1 50% off! Show this text to the cashier to activate the offer. Hurry now!’’

Thank You

To show customer appreciation, a little ‘Thank You’ SMS will help develop that strong customer loyalty that keeps your business afloat.

“Thank you for being our valued customer. We are obliged for the pleasure of serving you and hope we met your expectations. Team HopNotch”


You can provide your customers with a chance to win free products by letting them enter contests with just one quick SMS.

“What is Turkey’s favorite holiday destination? Text ‘Destination your answer’ to 999-555-5599 and win a free pair of joggers!”


To improve your services, you can ask your customers for feedback or survey through an SMS.

“Thank you for having a conversation with Nick at Burge and Finns; out of 5 (5 being excellent), how would you rate our service today?”


Through SMS surveys, you can figure out if the customers are happy with your service or not.

“Hey Jane, How was your shopping experience at Aaron’s Clothing? Are you satisfied with the service provided? Reply with a YES/NO. Thank you for your precious time!”

SMS Usage Statistics in the Retail Industry

47% of marketers say that the retail industry uses SMS efficiently.- Finance Online
Over 50% of consumers have tried to reply to a missed call via SMS. Businesses that have not introduced SMS Marketing are missed messages from potential customers.- Finance Online
54% of consumers would prefer to get promotional deals via text message. - Learning Hub
59% of consumers would like to communicate with businesses - Learning Hub directly

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