6 Reasons Why Enterprises Trust Dexatel for Mission-Critical Communications

Dikran Seferian
Dikran SeferianContent Writer

Published: Feb 5, 2024

Reasons Why Businesses Trust Dexatel

Over the past few years, Dexatel emerged as an absolute game-changer in the world of business communication. The company presents a comprehensive suite of robust and high-quality solutions that enterprises can leverage for their communications track. 

Of course, mission-critical communications require a certain level of security, flexibility, and reliability. And Dexatel continuously guarantees all that and more, making it a trustworthy platform for companies and organizations across the globe. But, the platform provider didn’t earn the confidence of its customers out of nothing. Here’s why businesses trust Dexatel with their vital communications—from reliable services to channel diversity. 

1. Reliable Services

Consistency is key when it comes to telecommunications. Reliable services ensure that you can consistently deliver every message and every piece of information without any disruptions. 

Dexatel assures you that your communications will reach their destination as smoothly and promptly as possible. With industry-leading technology, the platform provider guarantees consistent uptime and performance. This framework also covers a myriad of top-notch features that businesses can rely on for their communications. 

One feature that’s particularly popular among Dexatel’s customers—including TikTok, Viber, and TrueCaller—is OTP verification. Companies depend on this robust solution for delivering codes to users and fortifying security.  

Through constant monitoring and maintenance, Dexatel reinforces the reliability of its OTP solution and all other features in its diverse arsenal. 

2. Regulatory Compliance

Enterprise communications often involve a great deal of sensitive information. And when it comes to handling this information, compliance with privacy and data security laws is vital. This helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of the information going around. Obtaining the necessary certifications is also crucial for maintaining customer trust and avoiding legal risks. 

As a communications platform provider, Dexatel is GDPR-compliant. The company also adheres to TCPA, PSD2, and APA regulations. Meeting industry standards and having these certifications allows Dexatel to be a reliable partner and provider in the telecommunications sector. This means applying all the secure communication protocols necessary to not only create an impenetrable network but also to guarantee the safe handling of confidential information. 

3. Network Security

The telecommunications industry is always at risk of security threats like SMS scams. With that in mind, a secure infrastructure is essential for blocking cyber attacks, data breaches, and unauthorized access. Reinforcing network security allows communication channels to be more trustworthy among customers.

With state-of-the-art solutions like the SMS Firewall, Fraud Guard, and Network Penetration Testing, Dexatel guarantees the security of communication infrastructures. This makes the company a dependable source of security measures for businesses looking to safeguard their network against toll fraud and other threats. 

Dexatel’s security solutions also allow enterprises to ensure compliance, gain customer trust, and reduce operational costs of attack mitigation. Capabilities like real-time monitoring as well as reporting and analytics make the solutions all the more practical. 

4. Scalable Infrastructure

Scalability makes it possible for a company to adapt to shifting market demands. It confirms that your communication infrastructure can accommodate increasing volumes of data and users without compromising performance. Having a scalable infrastructure allows businesses to easily expand their communication abilities. 

With cloud-based solutions, dynamic resources, and flexible technologies, Dexatel equips businesses with scalable communication ecosystems. These infrastructures, which include customizable APIs, are designed to handle evolving levels of traffic while retaining quality and performance. The platform’s pay-as-you-go pricing structure also contributes to this scalability, allowing companies and organizations to seamlessly adjust their messaging volumes as needed. 

Dexatel empowers enterprises with the ability to keep up with the dynamic market by offering scalable solutions.

5. Dedicated Technical Support

Dedicated technical support facilitates effective communication between businesses and platform providers. It plays a major role in addressing concerns on the spot and maintaining overall satisfaction, making it another vital component of trust. 

Dexatel prioritizes dedicated support as a crucial element of its communication services. This commitment provides user training, expert guidance, and quick problem resolution. The company takes a proactive and personalized approach, offering customized solutions, constantly scanning for issues, and using feedback for continuous improvement.

The support system boosts accessibility as well, resulting in a positive user experience and building a level of trust. Users can also access the platform’s documentation, where they’ll find a wealth of instructions and info. 

6. Channel Diversity

Having multiple communication channels can give your business a competitive advantage. Channel diversity provides flexibility and allows you to meet your customers where they are. It promotes a dynamic communication ecosystem and facilitates the continuity of critical messages across different channels. 

Dexatel’s omnichannel communications platform allows businesses to connect with their audiences through a variety of channels. These include SMS, Viber, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messenger, Flash Call, and more. 

This omnichannel approach, combined with a unified dashboard, streamlines sensitive communications across channels. It guarantees that no important information is lost in the process. Customers can easily switch from one channel to another and pick up where they left off. Businesses depend on this capability to gain that competitive advantage in the market.

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