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From tornado warnings to account balance notices, SMS text alerts are efficient for delivering time-sensitive updates. And since SMS messages have high open rates, you can reach large groups of people instantly.

SMS Alert Service


of all text messages are read by recipients


of US use built-in texting apps at least once a day


people are estimated to use mobile phones by 2024

What is an SMS Alert?

An SMS alert system is a great tool for sending critical messages to mobile phones. They work by sending SMS notifications to users, keeping them informed about specific events or situations. This system is an effective way to reach the entire company at a minimal cost per phone number.

Text alerts work for various purposes and can be used by businesses to communicate important information to customers.

Using Text Alerts for Businesses

Start leveraging SMS alerts and meet industry standards with your texts. Make sending messages a breeze by automating business communications and operational processes.

What are SMS Alerts?

Efficient and Practical Tool

Companies across all industries opt for mobile text notifications due to their speed and high open rates. If you have critical info that needs to be seen quickly, SMS text alerts are the simplest and most effective solution.

This method is so practical that you probably already receive news alerts via SMS.

Top 3 Industries That Use An SMS Notification System


Financial Services

  • Low balance SMS alerts
  • Transaction completion notifications
  • Fraud attempt alerts
  • Upcoming email or call alerts


  • Emergency notifications
  • New meeting alerts
  • Working schedule alerts
  • Upcoming email or call alerts


  • Out-of-Stock notifications
  • Back-in-Stock alerts
  • ETA alerts
  • Pricing adjustment notifications
  • Fulfillment delay alerts
  • Lead alerts

Top Benefits of Sending SMS Alerts

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Instant Communication

Reach your customers with important information SMS alerts in a short period of time.

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High Open Rates

People are more likely to read and respond to SMS alerts faster than emails.

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Establish a stronger connection with your customers with personalized content.

Choosing the Best SMS Alert Service


Affordable pricing


99.8% deliverability


99.9% uptime

API for SMS Alerts

SMS alerts work through API integration since they are custom-triggered after an action or event. The most important thing to check before making a final decision is the flexibility of the SMS API. Review the API documentation as well to understand what you can achieve with API integration.

Got SMS Alert Questions? Find the Answers Herere

Can I Send Text Alerts From the Website?

Yes, after logging in or signing up on the Dexatel platform, you can set up text alerts to be sent to your recipients.

How to Start Using a Text Alert System?

To use a text alert system, you must sign up or log in to your Dexatel account, compose your text, and set it up to be sent after certain triggers or timing.

How Much Do Text Message Alerts Cost?

If you’re sending text message alerts via Dexatel, you only need to pay for the messages sent; we have a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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