Dexatel Features

We are feature-rich, having been designed with businesses in mind. From our intuitive interface to our wealth of SMS features, Dexatel is built to streamline your workflow.


With text-to-landline, businesses can send messages, receive replies, and manage conversations without the internet or specialized hardware.

Custom Sender ID

A custom sender ID is a substitute for a number that appears on the recipient’s mobile device to which a business sends a one-way text message.

Campaign Scheduling

Campaign scheduling is the process of setting up surveys, promotions, updates, and reminders to go out on a specific date and time for the best results.

Group Texting

Group texting allows businesses and organizations to easily and efficiently communicate with a large number of contacts at the same time.

SIP Registration

SIP registration allows businesses to use Voice over IP as a more flexible and cost-efficient alternative to a public switched telephone network services.


Text-to-speech (TTS) is an assistive software that uses a natural language processing engine to transform a piece of digital text into an audible speech.

Text Forwarding

Text forwarding allows you to stay updated with messages by directing them to your email address, online messaging dashboard, or a different phone number.

SMS Webhook

A webhook is an HTTP request that you can define, allowing for a source application to communicate with an endpoint application.

SMS Contact List Management

SMS contact list management is the process where you record contact information and monitor how your audience interacts with your business.

SMS URL Shortener

An SMS URL shortener turns an original long link into a shorter one, making it ideal for your text messages.

Short SMS Link Tracking

With short SMS link tracking, you can monitor the performance of your short URLs and use the data to optimize your campaign.

Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code is a 5 or 6-digit number that you can use to send text messages to consumers.

Virtual Number SMS

A virtual number SMS is useful for businesses that need to have multiple numbers, allowing for easy messaging and increased security and privacy.

Text Keyword

Connect with your customers in a faster and easier way by making use of text keywords.

SMS Analytics

SMS analytics can be used to track and analyze various aspects of SMS campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and opt-out rates.