Anti-Spam Policy

Dexatel does not tolerate spam messages. Any message that does not contain relevant information that the users subscribed for, is sent without the users’ consent, unprompted and by unauthorized users of our system will be considered spam. If you receive any such message that you believe to be spam, please report it to our customer service as soon as possible so that we can address the issue promptly.

Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement

Any user using our website agrees to our Terms of Service by default (for more information refer to Terms of Service). Therefore, users are obliged by our Terms of Service not to abuse our system for spamming purposes. Violation of our terms can result in the termination of service or, in extreme cases, of the user’s account.

Text messages that are unsolicited, irrelevant or otherwise fall under our definition of spam, will be removed from the sender’s list. Dexatel can track any and all text messages sent by its system and reserves the right to intervene if deemed necessary. Users of our system also agree to incorporate an Opt-In only and Opt-Out policy in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Opt-Out, Unsubscribe, Remove Your Mobile Phone Number, Spam, Abuse Report

It is in our best interests to keep subscribers happy and content with our service. Dexatel, consequently, gives you the ability to unsubscribe from either our services as a whole or from a particular sender at any time. If you wish you to continue your subscription but are not satisfied with the communication you receive for reasons explained above, you can—and are encouraged to—report spam and abuse of our system to our Customer Support.

  • Report Spam/Abuse: If you believe any text message sent to your phone number to be spam or something you did not sign up for (i.e. unrelated content) or from a number you do not recall subscribing to, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Make sure to include details such as Sender ID (phone number if available), your mobile phone number, the content of the message and the date and time on which the text message was received.

Once we receive the complaint, Dexatel will conduct an investigation of the case and the reported user to determine the legitimacy of the complaint and what course of action to take. Regardless of the outcome, your phone number will be removed from the abuser’s list to avoid future inconveniences. The whole process will remain confidential to avoid revealing any identifying information about both the subscriber and the reported user.

  • Opt-Out/Unsubscribe: If you do not wish to receive promotional offers or communications from Dexatel directly or on behalf of suppliers, you can opt-out from our services at any given time. In case you want to unsubscribe and remove your phone number from our system completely, make sure to notify us by email ([email protected]).

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