Texting Solutions
for eCommerce

Take advantage of every single mobile phone in the world and engage with direct messaging. SMS is a very profitable means for all kinds of eCommerce stores. It has 4 times higher open rates than emailing and performs many times better than the latter.

SMS Service for eCommerce

Wish List Reminders

Here is kind of a golden rule, we sometimes place goods on our wish list and forget to get into the process of final transactions. So the following SMS solves it all with a simple wish list reminder.

“Hi Jane, thanks for adding to your wish list the latest Gol handset. Your device is available and you can order it right away with the following link.”

OTP Verifications

Ecommerce business accounts must be in complete security and here comes for help otp sms and confirmations. Or just go deeper and empower two-factor authentication for all the accounts.

“This is your one-time password 32456. It will expire in 10 minutes.

Order Confirmations

Email messages are not the only way to inform about confirmation of online orders. Many great companies trust SMS as it has 4 times higher open rate and is a speedy method.

“Dear Dave the order 12233 has confirmed 12/3/12, 4:12 pm. Please check the order status with the following link. https/hyj.com/”

Delivery Status

People sometimes get suspicious about their orders. Just keep them in tune with delivery status by sending notifications about the destinations of the product.

Hi! Dear Dave we see that your current status of your order is “on hold”. Sorry for inconveniences, of course you will get an instant message about the delivery status updates in a while.


Providing coupons and discounts is crucial for all types of marketing and branding promotions. Sometimes you can go further and engage them with cool contests.

“Hi! Congratulations! You are the winner. You have passed the necessary limit for winning the contest. Please track with this code 53424.”


Customers’ shopping history is a point that we should consider very carefully. Send them marketing messages based on their specific shopping history and provide fresh recommendations.

“The product “Teddy Bear”, code ”1312” will be the ideal gift for New Year holidays. Check the full product description with the following link. http/truegift/com./”

Holiday Products

When holidays come, all the ecommerce stores become agressifs and try to attract new customers and of course they do not forget about the existing ones. Promote your special holiday products with Dexatel messaging.

“It is a black friday and I want to say that you are the selected one. Just grab the latest iPhone with the lowest prices for only 12 hours. Hurry up, and be the real winner.”


Did the customer like the product? A question that surely needs to be answered and sms messaging comes for help with various review collections and engaging satisfaction surveys.

“Hi! How would you mark our product from from 1 to 8. Please tell us more about your opinion with special comments or visit this link https:/sderdd.com”
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Worldwide Availability

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24 Hours Support

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