Texting Solutions
for Financial Services

Affordable SMS communication will improve the level of customer satisfaction. Financial services are all about trust and Dexatel is here for complete assistance. Text communication provides only benefits with simple techniques of messaging. Take advantage of multichannel communication solutions like WhatsApp, Viber, and RCS.

SMS Service for Financial Services

Reservation Reminder

As a result of heavy scheduling, we are sometimes obliged to write down every little detail in our notes. So reservation reminder messages come for help with instant messages.

“Hi Jane! Sorry for bothering you. Here is a quick reminder about your today’s meeting at our department, Victory street. At 13:00.”


Turn to sms messaging when you need sending a one-time password or 2 factor authentication solutions.

“Here is your one-time password , 234323. Be notified that it will expire in 10 minutes.”

Opt-In Confirmations

Learning about the latest news and being informed is somehow crucial for the financial sector. Here, opt-in confirmation messages are the easiest way to go deep and reach a better customer satisfaction level.

“Accept the newsletter with writing A, Deny with the letter D.”


Let your clients receive notifications of their payments and transactions instantly with the help of Dexatel fast messaging.

"Hi Bob, your next loan payment is due on <<DD/MM/YYYY>>. Please make a payment of <<$XX>> before the due date. Or call us at <<phone number>> if you have any questions."


Information about the balance as well as low balance alerts are helpful for your clients to maintain a strong relationship with them.

“Your balance is low, please reach us with this number to clarify the issue.”

Credit Card Status

Credit cards are the living mechanisms of banks that generate an operational atmosphere all around the world. So provide them status notifications immediately anywhere, anytime.

“Your money is being processed! Please note that it would take up to 2 hours for funds to appear.”


Be very attentive with your clients and directly ask their opinions, just go and get their reviews and collect them. Also start with satisfaction surveys, and understand what is their level of happiness.

“We would love to know more about the recent experience with our bank. Leave your review here https/:ourbank.com.”
Worldwide Availability

Worldwide Availability

Dexatel is available worldwide, every corner of the world is reachable for us.
24 Hours Support

24 Hours Support

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Dexatel is an omnichannel solution. Take advantage of SMS, RCS, Viber and other leading messaging channels.

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