About Dexatel

Dexatel represents an online cloud communication solution and provides business messaging and mass texting services to companies ranging from local businesses to large enterprises as well as individual users in any country and gives an opportunity to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

The platform offers various text message marketing tools. Its streamlined interface will help you manage your SMS campaign. Dexatel aims to help companies of any size get in touch with their customer base through an advanced yet simple messaging platform.

Our Services

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For Businesses

Use SMS for business communication purposes, whether it is marketing or transactional messaging.

For Operators

Dexatel provides worldwide coverage, that’s why it is useful to expand your reach in various countries in the world.

Our Mission

Creating the best environment for the employees’ professional and personal development, provide high quality services and information security.

By developing our own products, expand our range of services and become increasingly competitive in the international IT market.

Our Vision

We see success in our business not only by displaying high-quality standards and professional development but also by creating an atmosphere in the workplace that will itself be a source of inspiration for each of us at the Company.

We have adopted the principle of creating and maintaining a healthy working environment based on tolerance, equality and non- discrimination. Each employee of the Company has no advantage over another employee in terms of education, personal development, professional qualifications or other personal attributes. Our Company provides everyone with the opportunity for self-development and progress without limitations.

Our Pricing

Dexatel offers competitive prices for each country separately. By visiting our pricing page you can find out prices without signing up. Texts will cost from 0.004 to 0.104 cents per text depending on which country you want to send SMS messages to.

With our platform, you can easily calculate the price for 100 text messages or, in case of a bigger audience, 1000 text messages. Using SMS marketing for your business is very useful and will give you noticeable results almost instantly.

Our Support

Dexatel gives you the ability to connect to every phone all over the world. We collaborate with trustful networks in numerous countries to offer the best available services. We provide 24/7 support as well as our team accepts calls during business hours (Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM GMT).

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Dexatel aims to build a better future where technology creates good connections and communication for everyone and everywhere.