What Isa Text Keyword?

A text keyword in SMS marketing refers to a relevant word that essentially serves as a means of communication between a business and their customers.

Also known as an SMS keyword or a mobile keyword, it allows recipients to opt in to get exclusive offers, important updates, and more. The keyword often accompanies an SMS short code to which the customer sends the text. Short code keywords consist of 5 or 6 digits as opposed to long codes, which are practically a phone number.

To connect with customers in a faster and easier way, a keyword texting service often comes in handy, bearing in mind that bulk SMS service providers are the go-to choice for mass texting.

How Do Text Marketing SMS Keywords Work?

Text message keywords basically make it easier for companies to set up a subscriber list. Once a contact sends the SMS keyword, they automatically opt themselves into getting messages from the company or organization. The contact’s number then goes into a special list under the corresponding keyword. This additionally helps said company know which SMS keyword campaign the contact opted into for when they’re sending out similar promotions in the future.

Alongside keyword text marketing, it’s also important for companies to set up an SMS auto-reply keyword that allows contacts to opt out when they want to.

Top Benefits of SMS Keywords

Creating a Call-to-Action

Keyword text messaging serves as a call-to-action, encouraging recipients to opt in for benefits such as offers or discounts. A CTA that prompts recipients to send a certain word can be a useful advertising tool across marketing channels such as television, social media campaigns, and more.

Gaining Valuable Insight

Another advantage of using keywords in your text marketing campaign is the valuable insight you gain. You’ll essentially be able to determine which of your products or services are the most popular among your target audience.

Expanding Your Contact List

When you make use of keywords in business text messaging, your subscriber list can grow significantly. This is because different keywords tend to catch the attention of different people. Once you send a text keyword to a number and the person responds, the number goes directly into the list of subscribers. You can then keep sending them SMS alerts, promotions, and other kinds of messages.

Monitoring Ads More Easily

One of the greatest benefits of SMS keyword marketing is that you’ll be able to monitor how recipients discovered your business. By using various keywords for various campaigns, you can determine which of your ads catch more attention. This can come in handy when launching campaigns down the line.

4 Common SMS Keyword Examples


Also referred to as SMS polling, a text-to-vote message essentially helps you obtain the recipients’ choice or opinion. This type of text keyword typically involves asking a simple question to determine what your customers prefer.

Example: “Text SODA to 12345 to vote for your favorite flavor”

Mobile Couponing

Text message coupons are the ones you send out to your customers—or a target audience—as a way to offer a deal or a discount for your products. Customers love a good deal, especially those they receive from their favorite companies.

Example: “Text SHOES to 12345 for a limited 50% discount on our new collection”

Generating Leads

Leads generally require several touch points to ensure conversion. By employing SMS lead generation as a means of outreach, you’ll be able to connect with potential customers right away.

Example: “Text BURGER to 12345 to claim your special deal”


Another SMS keyword example is the text-to-win message. This is essentially a faster and more effective way to engage your customers and takes advantage of people’s love of winning prizes.

Example: “Text YOGA to 12345 to win a free session with us”

SMS Keyword Marketing Tips

Make the most of your SMS keyword campaign and boost opt-in rates with these tips:

  • Add an opt-out text by informing your customers that they can type “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” whenever they wish
  • Let those who opt in know when or how often they can expect to receive updates and SMS reminders regarding the campaign
  • Make sure your recipients are aware of the type of content they’ll be receiving

How to Set Up an Auto-Response for a Keyword With Dexatel

Dexatel’s SMS platform offers triggered auto-responses every time a recipient sends a certain keyword.

  1. Set up the Dexatel message API and the message webhook
  2. Create certain keywords and criteria in the system
  3. An incoming SMS will trigger the Dexatel message webhook
  4. If the SMS contains a keyword, the system will automatically send a response