Start Your First SMS Marketing for Retail Campaign

SMS Marketing for Retail

Retail has traditionally been one of the leading industries that heavily relied on marketing. Reinventing itself multiple times from a marketing standpoint, retail continued to maintain steady sales figures.

With the rise of internet technologies, the retail industry gained a new weapon in digital marketing to add to its vast arsenal. Now, retail stores have a lot of choices to make regarding the path they choose for their marketing strategy. The million-dollar question is will they take the traditional path or employ modern practices to keep up with the times?

Thankfully, there’s a solution that combines the best of both worlds—text marketing. Considering its inherent qualities, SMS combines traditional marketing features with digital to create the ideal channel.

Unlike most industries, retail doesn’t have a specific target demographic. In other words, any person is really a target. In that regard, SMS marketing for retail is similar in concept in that it can target just about anyone across the world.

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Retailers

Text message marketing is abundant with benefits for retail companies. Its efficiency and effectiveness is no secret either. There’s a good reason SMS marketing for retail stores has been used for a couple of decades now. In fact, it has successfully held its spot among the best marketing channels out there.

SMS marketing’s longevity and worldwide application are testaments to its success rate. With that in mind, let’s dive into the benefits of SMS marketing in the retail industry.

Cheap and Affordable

No matter how successful and financially stable your retail store is, it never hurts to employ affordable marketing strategies. In comparison to other forms of marketing, SMS is the most cost-effective option out there. And in this case, cheapness doesn't equal low quality—on the contrary, it is by far the best marketing method with the highest open rate.

Worldwide Outreach

SMS marketing knows no physical boundaries. You can send out your SMS campaign anywhere in the world, and rest assured that your customers will receive it. However, just because you can send messages worldwide doesn’t mean you should.

Sending it to the wrong demographic would yield no results, rendering your campaign useless. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense for a small-town retail business in the US to send promotional SMS messages to customers in France.

Response and Conversion Rate

Out of every communication channel, SMS messages have the highest response rate. They boast a 98% open rate and conversion rate that lies between the 30–40% range. Retail text message marketing can not only grow your business, but it can also enhance the customer experience.

These numbers justify the fact that retail SMS messages have proven to be effective in delivering results for businesses. This alone is a selling point for retail stores to start implementing text message marketing into their strategies.

Increased Customer Engagement and Loyalty

As much as any retail store likes having a lot of customers, the real business comes from returning customers. There are many steps to take to build a loyal customer base, especially in the retail industry.

The first step is making customer service and engagement a priority. SMS marketing achieves that by establishing two-way communication between the store and clients. This leads to building customer loyalty, which in turn increases business.

Starting an SMS Marketing Campaign for Retail Stores

Text marketing for retail stores isn’t different from other industries. The fundamentals of starting an SMS campaign are essentially the same. To simplify the process, we’ve created a brief guide on how to start an SMS marketing campaign for retail stores.

  1. Select a bulk SMS provider that offers an SMS marketing platform
  2. Develop your target demographic by creating a buyer persona relevant to your store
  3. Create a list of phone numbers to whom you will send your text messages
  4. Develop the core idea of your marketing campaign and design your promotional text messages accordingly
  5. Customize the messages for each recipient to make them more personal
  6. Schedule your SMS campaign to send text messages when people are more likely to be responsive
  7. Hit send and kickstart your SMS marketing campaign
  8. Make sure to follow up with new SMS messages to customers. After all, SMS marketing is not a one-time thing and its success vastly depends on its consistent usage.