Texting Solutions
for Education

Communication between parents, students, and the educational institutes’ administration must be prompt and accurate to make sure that you are delivering time-sensitive messages via the most direct channel. While speaking about educational institutes' communications, timing is everything.

SMS Service for Education

for Job Applicants

You can send a quick reminder SMS about the job interview if the applicant has forgotten about it.

“Hey Ali, this is a quick reminder about the job interview due tomorrow at 9 am. Call on the number for more details. (Number)”

Reminders for
students about
upcoming deadlines

Remind the students about the deadline of their assignments via SMS so that they can submit them.

“Dear student, your physics assignment posted on your student portal is due tomorrow at midnight. To avoid any deduction of marks, submit it on time.”

Reminder for
Parents about their
Upcoming Meetings

Inform the parents about the upcoming meeting with teachers with a short SMS.

“Dear parent, you have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Miss Alexa. Call the admin office for more details.”

Company Event

For maximum attendance of the parents and students, remind them about the event conducted at school via SMS.

“Dear parents, join us at the Annual Sports Festival tomorrow from 9 am to 1 pm. call the admin office for more details.”


Use SMS for an extra confirmation that you are engaging with the right person.

“Reply with a YES if you have received your student identity card.”


Remind parents about the due fee bill of their student instantly via SMS.

“Dear parent, kindly pay your child’s fee that is due tomorrow. For more details, call the admin office.”


Communicate with your staff via SMS.

“Dear High School Teachers, Miss Glare is unavailable to teach English to class ten at noon. Reply YES with your name if you can substitute.”


Providing an SMS alert can be a difference-maker during a call.

“Dear Parent, your child Mike Ellen, is feeling unwell and is requesting to be picked up ASAP. Reply YES to acknowledge.”

Class Cancellation

Inform the students and parents about the class that has been canceled to avoid any misunderstandings.

“Dear student/parent, Physics class at 10 am has been canceled due to the teacher’s health issues. Contact the school admin for more details.”

Exam result

Update the parents and students about the exam result through a quick SMS.

“The exam result for Mid-Year Examinations is available. You can pick it up from the school office between 12 pm and 3 pm.”

Students Attendance

“Dear parent, your child Mark Twain, was absent from the French class today at 10 am.”

“Dear Parent, your child Mike Ellen, is feeling unwell and is requesting to be picked up ASAP. Reply YES to acknowledge.”


Increase the number of funds by informing about the campaign via quick SMS.

“Dear Parents and Students, we have conducted an Annual Fundraising Campaign which will start tomorrow. We are expecting your extreme contribution to the funds. Thank You!”

Matches and
Events Promotion

Promote events such as concerts, sports festivals, etc., of your school via SMS.

“Dear Parents and Students, finally the night has come for the biggest concert ever! Grab your tickets to be part of it on 7th June.”


Make a hotline or a number of your institution so that people can ask you for details easily, either on-call or SMS.

Featuring Industry
Case Studies

Conduct research, surveys, and case studies in your school and feature them on your school magazine, social media, and website to attract new admissions.


Feature your school’s EBook in which you can include achievements, recognitions of your school and students. You can include campus pictures as well.

Blog Posts

Write blogs on different topics such as “The Ultimate Guide to [Your School]”

Featuring Industry
Specific Reviews

Feature yourself on websites like GreatSchools.org and ask people to review your school.

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