Texting Solutions
for Legal Industry

The legal industry comprises legal practitioners such as lawyers and attorneys, and law firms. Effective communication is the key to a successful law career. It will make your practice more professional, help you deal with client relationships, and build trust.

SMS Service for Legal Industry


You can SMS the reminder to your clients for an appointment.

“Hey Julie, remember your appointment date is 9th June, Wednesday at the downtown courthouse.”

Reminder Job

For a quick reminder of the job interview, you can send a personalized SMS.

“Hello, Adam! This is a quick reminder for your job interview tomorrow anytime between 1 PM to 3 PM. Call this number for more details. See you soon!”


There are many events conducted for marketing law firms. You can SMS a reminder of your event for maximum participation.

“Hey Ron, do not forget to join us tomorrow at the Annual Educational Meeting where you will learn a lot from law experts. Call us for more details. See you tomorrow!”


Utilize opt-in SMS to confirm that you are engaging with the right person.

“Reply with YES if you have recently subscribed to Jinnah Law Firm.”


Inform your client about the payment due via SMS.

“Hello, Maria, your payment is due tomorrow. Kindly visit our office to clear all payments. Thank You!”


Communicate with your staff instantly through SMS easily.

“John quickly came into my office with all the case files pending.”


Ask your client to review your services via SMS.

“Hey Maria, it was a pleasure working with you! Please give a quick review of your experience on the website below.
www.link.com .”


Take surveys from your clients with an SMS easily.

“Hey, Kate, from 1(lowest) to 10(highest), what would you rate our services offered to you?”

Statistics of SMS
usage In the Legal

Law firms using text messaging directly from LAWFUSION tell us that their clients often prefer SMS communication instead of calling. www.selectlegal.co.uk


Treat your client like you want to be treated. Understand them and emotionally support them during a case. This will build a good relationship with your client.

Featuring Industry
Case Studies

Carry out studies related to different cases in your law firm and present your opinion.


Your EBook can include complex issues in a format that is interesting, easy to understand, and shareable. It can also include pictures to relate to the text.

Blog Posts

Blogging is an excellent way for lawyers to increase clients. Please share your opinion on complex issues, reflect your personality through them, and compete with other law firms.

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Specific Reviews

Google lawyer reviews, Yelp, Avvo are the top 3 websites for reviews on various law firms.

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