What IsGroup Texting?

Also referred to as group SMS, group texting is a quick and efficient form of communication. It allows companies and organizations to reach multiple contacts at the same time with a single text. Businesses can use a group SMS service to simultaneously connect with a selection of people. Recipients of a group text would be able to respond to it, allowing the business to reach out to interested contacts.

Benefits of Group Texting

Inexpensive and Time-Saving

Group messaging is a cost-effective way to connect with customers using an SMS marketing platform considering the high response rate and the low cost of SMS. This guarantees that the SMS marketing ROI will be notable. Group texting is also known to save a great deal of time, considering all you need to do is create a group, type the content, and click “send.” Many SMS softwares even enable automated text messages for groups. 

Easy to Implement

The process of group texting is simple, and straightforward, and doesn’t require any professional coding skills. It involves picking the intended recipients, composing the SMS, and sending the text message. Users can interact with groups of people using their phone’s native messaging app or group texting software. 

Better Engagement

With a significantly high open rate, SMS has great potential for customer engagement. One of the main reasons for this is its universal accessibility. Any mobile device with a data pack—smartphone or not—can receive text messages. This guarantees that every recipient in an SMS group can easily reply to the group text. 

Personalized Experience

Using SMS broadcast software, you can reach out to contacts in a text message group on a more personal level. This can include attracting customers with tailored and exclusive offers during special occasions. Studies show that personalized group text messages have a 45% response rate, making it an effective way to interact with consumers. 

Use Cases of Group Messaging in Business

Sending Payment Reminders

Most people use their mobile phones to make payments. A great way to remind them of those payments is via group messaging. This involves creating an SMS group with customers whose due dates for payments fall on the same day and sending them a reminder text

Requesting Feedback

Discovering how customers perceive your products and services is key to improving your business. Group texting is an effective way to obtain these valuable insights. For instance, you can send a survey to everyone who shopped at your store on a particular day or within a certain period of time. 

Sharing Important Updates 

Sending important updates about your business ensures that your customers are always in the loop. Should you need to close your clinic for a day due to an emergency, for example, you can send a group text to inform those who have an appointment on that day. This is a great way to save time that would otherwise be spent reaching out to contacts individually.

Generating Reviews

Reviews left by customers help shape the online reputation of businesses. Group texting can be a useful tool for generating more reviews. You can create an SMS group of patients who had appointments at a certain time, formulate a text asking them to leave a review, and send it an hour after they leave the facility.

Conducting Internal Communications

Aside from interacting with customers, group messaging can also be applied to internal communications. This can include keeping in touch with freelance employees, informing them about workplace changes, and sharing business updates. You can, for instance, send a group text to a particular team notifying them of a postponed meeting. 

How to Send a Group Text

The matter of how to send a group text depends on whether the mobile phone is running Android or iOS. In either case, the process is simple and straightforward. It involves using the native messaging application that comes pre-installed on the device. 

Sending a Group Text via Android

  1. Open Google Messages 

  2. Tap on “Start chat” and select “Create group”

  3. Pick the recipients from the texting list and hit “Next”

  4. Type a name for the group (or select “Skip”)

  5. Compose the message and tap on the paper plane icon next to the message field

Sending a Group Text via iOS

  1. Open the Messages app and tap on the pencil icon in the top right corner 

  2. Add people by selecting the plus icon to the right of the “To:” field and choosing them from the contacts list

  3. Compose the message and hit the up arrow icon to send it

Who Uses Group Texting?

Group texting is a common practice in a variety of industries. It allows companies and organizations to interact with multiple contacts with a single message as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Common industries that make use of group SMS include:

Healthcare Organizations

Medical professionals use group messaging for various purposes like sharing surveys, sending payment reminders, and notifying about vacancy openings for appointments.

Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges use group conversations to communicate with students, parents, and staff members. This includes sending examination dates and informing about closures.

Home Service Businesses

Using group text services, contractors keep in touch with homeowners to ask for feedback, share updates about appointment changes, and more.

Real Estate

Group messaging is an efficient way for real estate agencies to carry out a range of communications like sending updates on open houses, gathering feedback from clients, and running SMS marketing campaigns.

Recruitment Agencies

An agency can utilize group messaging for recruitment purposes like sending interview reminders and sharing updates on job openings.

Non-Profit Organizations

With group texting, non-profit organizations can connect with community members to share updates about projects, express acknowledgment to volunteers, and other purposes.