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What is a Phone Number Validator?

A phone number validator is a tool that verifies the authenticity and correctness of international phone numbers. Its primary purpose is to determine whether a given phone number is valid.

The validator identifies invalid numbers and ensures they adhere to the required format for proper communication, such as text messages and phone calls.

How Does a Phone Validator Work

A phone validator distinguishes between active and outdated phone numbers in real time. Our system automatically identifies which operator the number belongs to and makes a request to confirm whether it’s an active phone number.

Step 1: Enter the country code and phone number you wish to validate.

Step 2: Click on the "Validate" button to initiate the validation process.

Step 3: View whether the phone number is valid or outdated.

Why Use a Phone Validation Tool

Not only does a phone validator help save time by quickly verifying the validity of phone numbers, but it also ensures they can receive calls and texts.

This way, you can make sure that you have the right number for communication, avoiding potential errors or wasted efforts. It also guarantees accurate contact information, particularly for text messages, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits of Phone Number Validation

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Business Performance

Identify the correct line type, optimize your sales efforts, and increase conversions.

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Customer Database

Update your customer database by removing wrong numbers from phone number lists.

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Customer Experience

Ensure an accurate marketing database to result in more targeted marketing campaigns.

Phone Validator API

No matter the industry, you need a bulk number verification system if you're working with phones. Phone Validator provides this service; Dexatel does too.

The seamless integration of the phone verification API enables you to streamline your operations, optimizing efficiency and enhancing data quality. With the ability to perform bulk phone number validation, you can effortlessly validate large contact lists, saving time and resources.

The phone validation API empowers your business to maintain reliable and up-to-date customer information, leading to improved customer experiences and better decision-making.

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Common Questions

Can I Validate a Landline Phone Number?

Yes, you can validate any line type, including landline and mobile numbers.

Will I See the Phone Number Owner?

No, you can’t verify the identity of the phone number owner; you can only validate the number itself.

What’s the Difference Between Phone Lookup and Phone Validation?

Carrier lookups involve searching for phone data associated with a specific number. It provides detailed information such as network provider, status, time zone, and more.Phone validation confirms whether a number is valid. Its primary aim is to ensure that the phone number is in a usable state and can receive calls or texts reliably.

Can I Validate Both Personal and Business Numbers?

Yes, you can validate personal and business numbers.

Why Was the Phone Validator Tool Created?

The phone validator tool was created to address the need for accurate and reliable phone number verification. It was developed to tackle the challenges associated with managing phone numbers, such as identifying invalid or outdated numbers, ensuring proper formatting, and verifying their active status.

How Accurate is the Data Quality of the Phone Number Verification?

Our phone validator tool provides highly accurate status results based on data provided by the mobile network operator.

Will the Owner of the Phone Number Be Notified?

No, the owner will not get a notification when you’re validating phone numbers. Dexatel is in full compliance with Do Not Call and the FCC TCPA.

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