Texting Solutions
for Automotive

It is so easy to develop a communication strategy for car dealers by using WhatsApp, RCS, SMS. Around 46% of car buyers want to hear from their dealers after a purchase. A simple SMS can solve many issues, just keep them in tune with your latest offers.

SMS Service for Automotive


Try to engage your customers with appointment reminders, which is an easy and accessible way to make them recall everything once again.

“Bob, We wanted to make sure about your engagement in our appointments on [date] at [time]. Please reply with YES to confirm.”


Our contemporary platform offers a large scale of services. Just forward opt-in confirmation sms to clients and help them meet up with your latest newsletter updates.

“Hello! Ann we are here from [car dealership]! Just wanted to say thanks for subscribing to our mobile newsletter. What are the auto brands that are you interested in?”


Instant payments need immediate reminders. Put links to make all of your transactions seem smoother.

Hello Davis, just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that your next payment of $240 is due on Thursday. Just write an email to us and mention your check or submit it online here with this link: http://txt.st/VugLNd.”

Repair Updates

Many of us are so busy with everyday tasks that we may forget some small problems connected with our vehicles. Facilitate your customers’ lives with easy repair update notifications.

“Hello! Karen here from [car dealership]! Half a year has passed and we suggest you refill the oil container with our “Red Oil” brand.”

Send Restock

Your car appliances may be out-of-stock sometimes, but be sure that SMS can be the primary tool for rearranging all the misunderstandings in communication. Send restock reminders to all vehicle owners by simple clicks.

“Hey, [car dealership] here! We are happy to hear you’re interested in the [recent appliance]. Check out the full specs and price at: bit.ly/applieance/. Do you need more help? If it is so, Please do not hesitate and write to us directly.”


You should certainly maintain a good relationship with clients and here comes the strategy of coupons that can be a complete adjustment to overall marketing strategy.

“Hey Eric. Just wanted to know: Do you have an interest in buying the latest [car brand]? We have wonderful discounts for subscribers. Get $300 off and show this text to auto owners.”

New Vehicles

All the newest car models need to be tested immediately, just to make everyone speak about it as well as you can present advantages to your customers and invite them to test-drives periodically.

“Guess what, the new BMW 765 is here! You can text our showroom by replying to this message and we will be at your place for a quick test drive!”


After sales service is crucial for keeping devoted customers and here just good newsletter updates can help you reach your targets rapidly. Include the key maintenance tips in the newsletter updates.

“Guess what, The first snow of the season is expected to come on December 5th. The team at Stream Auto wants to remind you that you should put your snow tires on!”


After purchase service is the key point of every business especially in the case of car dealerships. Create an easy satisfaction survey to collect main ideas and reviews.

“Hey James, Please, if you can take 12 mins to fill out this survey about your recent trip. http://txt.st/VugLNd. Please Text back “done” to receive a new link to a test drive coupon.
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Worldwide Availability

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24 Hours Support

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