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Effortlessly enhance security by verifying new accounts using Dexatel’s SMS authentication service. Our reliable solution provides seamless authentication for a peace of mind.

SMS Authentication Service


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What Is SMS Authentication?

SMS authentication is a type of two-factor authentication (2FA) that enhances security by utilizing a user's phone number for identity verification. A unique 4–6 digit OTP SMS code is sent to the user's registered phone number.

Acting as a reliable means of verifying a user's ownership, this process helps businesses strengthen identity authentication while keeping it convenient and user-friendly.

Trending Use Cases of SMS-Based Authentication

New Registrations

Send your new customers a one-time SMS passcode to make sure they’re real people upon registration.

New Registrations
What is SMS Authentication

Customer ID Authentication with Dexatel

SMS two-factor authentication is an essential security measure implemented by many industries to safeguard customer data. We make sure that websites handling online registrations, financial transactions, and sensitive information can prevent fake and fraudulent accounts from registering.

By adding an extra layer of protection, authentication via SMS ensures that only the user with access to their registered phone number can verify their identity.

Industries that Use SMS Two-Factor Authentication




Financial Services






B2B SaaS






Gaming Apps

Advantages of Dexatel’s API


Analyzing Performance

Track the passcode delivery rate to ensure you are using your customers’ preferred channel—email, SMS, voice, or other.


Your Ready-to-Go API

Our SMS API securely delivers OTP and TOTP messages. Not only does our API ease your job, but it also saves you time.


Personalized Channels

Let customers choose their preferred channel. Implement fallback to ensure your messages are delivered in any scenario.

Expand Your Reach With Our API

Implementing an SMS gateway for API-based authentication offers a secure and convenient approach to protecting data or system access via mobile devices.

Remember to choose a reputable provider and conduct proper setup and testing before deploying the system in production.

Try it Yourself

Check out Dexatel’s API for free to have a general idea of what it looks like and how it operates. We offer every company free text authentication service testing, so try it yourself!

Got SMS Authentication Questions? Find the Answers Here

How Does SMS-Based Authentication Work?

SMS-based authentication works by sending a one-time password to the recipient’s phone number, which you then enter to authenticate and verify the user.

Is Text Message Authentication Secure?

Yes, text message authentication provides an additional layer of security compared to just a password.

Are Authenticator Apps More Secure Than SMS?

While authenticator apps are highly secure, users will require an internet connection, whereas with SMS authentication, you’re not reliant on WiFi or cellular data.

How to Start Using an SMS Authentication Service?

First, choose a reliable SMS authentication service provider like Dexatel and sign up for an account. Set up your account settings, including configuring your authentication methods and security preferences, and integrate it into your application or website.

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