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SMS Blast
High Open Rates

High Open Rates

Benefit from the high open rate of SMS marketing, which makes text blasting services an effective tool for reaching a wide audience.

Direct and Convenient

Direct and Convenient

Text blast marketing lets you connect with your customers directly and conveniently, unlike many emails that end up in the spam folder.

Short and Impactful

Short and Impactful

With SMS blasting, your texts can be short and easy to read. You can engage more people while staying within the 160-character limit.

Blast Texting

What Is Blast Texting?

Also known as text blasts or SMS blast marketing, blast texting is a type of communication that businesses use to send SMS messages to a broad audience.

SMS blast services allow you to harness the power of technology to connect with a large number of people in just a few minutes. After all, SMS is proven to be faster, cheaper, and more convenient than other marketing channels like phone calls; and your audience doesn't need internet access to receive the text messages.

You can send a text blast for promotional messages, time-sensitive updates, appointment reminders, emergency alerts, and other mass communications straight to your customers’ mobile phones. This level of immediacy and convenience guarantees that your text message marketing campaigns get through, boosting engagement and driving conversions.

Text blasting software like Dexatel ensures that each message you send is personal. With text marketing tools like audience segmentation, you can tailor your blast SMS messages to each customer. This improves the chances of your recipients engaging with your text marketing campaigns

SMS Blast

How DoesSMS Blast Texting Work?

Build Your List

Start building your contact list by getting people to subscribe to your text message campaigns. One way to collect phone numbers is by creating an SMS keyword that your audience can text to your short code. If you already have a list of cell phone numbers that you previously gathered, you can import those contacts into the text blast platform via a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. Make sure everyone on your text marketing list has explicitly opted in to receive messages from you.

Craft Your Message

Once you have your list, you can move on to composing your blast text message. Clarity is a priority when it comes to writing an SMS marketing message. You’ll want to avoid using complex terms and industry jargon. You want to start sending SMS blasts with a compelling opener to grab the reader’s attention. Including a clear call-to-action lets recipients know what to do next, effectively boosting engagement.

Send or Schedule

With your recipient list and blast text ready, all you need to do is click the send button. You can choose to send your mass text messages on the spot or schedule it to go out at a specific date and time in the future. Dexatel’s campaign scheduling feature allows you to deliver your text whenever you prefer. This lets you reach your audience at the right time. For example, you can schedule SMS reminders to be sent before an event.

Group Texting VS Blast Texting

Recipient Limitations

Group texting only allows for 10 to 15 recipients, restricting your ability to connect with a wider audience. On the other hand, a text blast system has no limits as to how many customers you can reach with one message.

Response Mechanism

An SMS group text is exactly what it sounds like: a group conversation. This means that when a recipient replies, everyone else in the group sees it. With text blasting software, only you can see responses and text back.

Opt-Out Ability

Recipients of an SMS group text don’t have the option to leave the group. This makes it an obstacle to compliance with privacy regulations, whereas SMS blast marketing requires an option where recipients can easily opt out.

How Different Industries BenefitFrom Blast Text Messaging


eCommerce retailers use text blast software to deliver exclusive discounts, new product arrivals, and abandoned cart reminders, keeping online shoppers engaged.

Food and Beverage

Restaurants and coffee shops leverage the effectiveness of SMS text blasting to reach customers with combo deals, special offers, new menu item alerts, and more.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies utilize most text blast services to inform potential buyers about open house events, new property listings, and enticing price reductions on houses.


Schools and universities make use of SMS text blast software to let students, parents, and professors know about campus events, exam dates, and class cancellations.

What Do BusinessesUse Text Blast Services for?

Promotional Campaigns

Considering the impressive 98% open rate of SMS, texting blasts are the go-to choice for promoting your products and services. Whether you want to drive conversions or boost traffic to your website, you can get thousands to engage with a single compelling message.

Internal Communications

With emails often being ignored, employees can easily miss important alerts or updates. This is where SMS blasting comes in handy, reaching team members directly on their mobile devices. You can easily share SMS surveys, meeting reminders, or other text messages.

Emergency Alerts

Prompt communication is critical when it comes to being prepared for emergency situations. When the need arises, companies and organizations can alert the masses with just a few clicks and potentially save lives by planning a blast texting strategy ahead of time.

Event Reminders

The effectiveness and immediacy of text messaging make it an excellent tool for planning events and increasing attendance. With the same message blast, you can remind participants, volunteers, and others about upcoming events and keep them updated with important details.

How to Use Dexatel’s SMS Blast Service

Go to “SMS” on your account and click on “Create campaign”

Download the sample Excel document

Fill the required fields with recipients’ details

Import your document back into your account

Click on “Next” and specify the senders

Schedule the message if needed

Click on “Send SMS”

What You Can DoWith a Text Blasting Service


An automated messaging system minimizes the effort you need to communicate with your customers. SMS text blast software like Dexatel lets you automate updates, event reminders, and more. You can set up certain messages to be delivered later and put others on a recurring schedule. This ensures that your texts go out at the right time without delay or further intervention.


Sending blast text messages en masse doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your audience on a personal level. With personalization features, you can tailor the plain text messages you send to your customers. Boost customer engagement by addressing each recipient by their name and making sure the content is relevant to where they live or what they previously bought.


Suppose you want to send out text blasts to a certain part of your audience. Sorting your contact list manually can be inconvenient, error-prone, and time-consuming. Instead, benefit from audience segmentation tools and leverage customer data to categorize your recipients and tailor your SMS communications. You’ll see higher conversion rates in no time.


The process doesn’t end when you click on send. A crucial part of marketing via text message blasts involves tracking and analyzing your mass communications. This means monitoring key performance indicators like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. You can use the information from the SMS analytics to define areas for improvement and optimize your mass messaging strategy.

Why Businesses ChooseDexatel for Blast SMS Messages

Global Reach

Global Reach

Businesses looking to boost their reach choose Dexatel as their messaging platform. Our text blast service shortens distances across borders and delivers your text message to your target audience. This extensive reach gives you a competitive advantage, effectively connecting you with various demographics.

Intuitive Platform

Intuitive Platform

Being easy to navigate and implement, Dexatel’s SMS platform is a popular choice for businesses. Its intuitive and friendly user interface allows you to seamlessly launch large-scale SMS campaigns. You can reach out to your audience and initiate engaging communications in a matter of seconds.



As a GDPR-compliant platform, Dexatel helps you abide by SMS privacy and data protection laws. This includes getting consent from recipients, keeping opt-in records, and providing opt-out options. Our extensive privacy and anti-spam policies aim to foster trust between businesses and their customers.

Not Convinced Yet? Here’s What Companies Are Saying

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We love that we can automate and customize the messages. It's been a huge time-saver and has helped us keep our clients happy!

Michal Rewienski

Michal Rewienski

Chief Executive Officer at Toolla

Coffee Address
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Since using Dexatel, our customers have become more responsive to our SMS communications.

Viktorija Bergmane

Viktorija Bergmane

Head of Innovation and Project Development at Coffee Address

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We have increased our user verification rate thanks to Dexatel's programmable SMS solutions and high OTP delivery rates.

Roman Sirokov

Roman Sirokov

Chief Technology Officer at Dizconto

Got Questions?We Have Answers

Is It Legal to Send Blast Text Messages?

Sending a text message blast is completely legal as long as you follow certain guidelines. Avoid buying a list of phone numbers, and always make sure to get permission from customers before texting them. And once they opt in, send a text blast confirmation message with clear opt-out instructions. Besides ensuring compliance, you’ll have a receptive audience interested in receiving future messages from you.

What Should I Look for in a Blast Text Message Service?

When choosing a text message blast service, make sure to account for factors like ease of use, reliability, pricing, and compliance with regulations. The service should offer SMS API integration, campaign scheduling, and two-way messaging as part of its features. Excelling in all these departments makes Dexatel a leading choice for businesses to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction, and raise brand awareness.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Text Blasts?

The cost of sending SMS text blasts depends on several factors, including how many messages you're sending and where you’re sending them. For example, targeted messages beyond borders cost more than local SMS text messages. With Dexatel, text message blasts cost depending on what you send. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to scale your mass text messaging as your business grows.

Can I Schedule a Message Blast?

You can schedule blast text messages to go out whenever you prefer. Dexatel’s campaign scheduling feature lets you choose the date and time when you want to send SMS and MMS messages.

How to Text Blast Using a Mobile Phone?

Sending a text blast from your mobile device is unfortunately not possible, especially with default messaging apps that are meant for one-on-one conversations. Although group SMS messaging is possible, there’s a limit to the number of people you can reach.

What Number Can I Use for Sending Text Message Blasts?

Your SMS text blast service provider sets up your account with a 10-digit local phone number. If you already have a business number, the platform can text-enable it for you. Another option is to apply for a dedicated short code, which you can pair with a text keyword for collecting phone numbers and delivering updates.

Can I Send Messages in Blast to Previous Customers?

As long as you obtain explicit written consent from your previous customers, you can reach them with text blast messages while staying compliant with SMS marketing laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Customers who opt in are much more likely to engage with your marketing messages which they'll be willing to receive. There are many ways you can gather opt-ins, including keywords, web forms, and QR codes.

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