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What is the Carrier Lookup Tool?

The carrier lookup tool is a business-centric service that enables you to identify the mobile network carrier or service provider linked to a specific phone number.

Discover the carrier of your number now by entering your number above for instant access to the latest data.

How Phone Carrier Lookup Works

Phone carrier lookup works by using the initial digits of a phone number, known as the NPA code. This is then matched with carrier information in our customer database or scanned across various carrier lookup databases.

Step 1: Input the phone number you wish to check into our tool. Don’t forget the country code!

Step 2: Click on the "Check carrier" button to initiate the carrier check process.

Step 3: View the phone number status, line type, time zone, carrier name, country code, network code.

Why Should You Use Our Number Lookup Tool?

  • Save money when sending SMS messages, as carrier lookups are more cost-effective than sending messages.

  • Identify whether or not to send a message, because if the number is invalid, you’ll lose money on sending them SMS.

  • Use the carrier lookup tool to confirm that the phone number is active during user registration or transaction processes.

Advantages of Our Tool

Thanks to our phone lookup tool, you can instantly see relevant and accurate data such as network name, country code, number activity, and more.

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The Dexatel Carrier Lookup API

Dexatel offers a free-to-test carrier lookup API, allowing for automatic checks each time a new number is entered into your database.

Set timeframes to perform regular checks, ensuring that you maintain an accurate database.

Carrier lookup api

Common Questions

What Kind of Information Will I Be Able to See?

You'll learn about the number's timezone, location, network name, country code, roaming info, and whether it's active or inactive.

Will I See Whether the Number is a Landline or Cell Phone?

Yes, when you enter the number, you'll be provided with the phone type along with other relevant information.

Will the Phone Number Owner be Notified About It?

No, our carrier lookup tool will not send a message to the owner or inform them in any other way about your check.

Will I Be Able to See the Phone Number Owner?

No, you won't. To find out the phone number owner, read this article

How Accurate is the Database?

Our database is highly accurate, as we provide data from carriers in real time.

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