What Isa Dedicated Short Code?

A Dedicated short code is a number consisting of 5 or 6 digits and is used by businesses for sending SMS messages to individuals via a software program.

This form of text messaging is known as application-to-person, or A2P, messaging. As opposed to the regular 10-digit mobile phone numbers, SMS short codes are much easier to read and remember. They are also easier to associate with your business, which can be essential for brand recognition. Moreover, you’ll be able to track the number of messages that were received, allowing you to gain insight into your reach and boost your campaign.

Types of Dedicated Short Codes

Vanity Short Code

A vanity short code essentially consists of a memorable set of digits. It is considerably easy to remember, which helps when a customer hears it on the radio or sees it on TV, in print, or on billboards. For instance, vanity numbers can be something like 343434.

Random Short Code

Random short codes are numbers that are generated in a random way—such as 368594. These are normally cheaper and often come in handy for organizations that are on a budget. Random dedicated short codes resemble license plate numbers and are less easy to remember than vanity numbers.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Short Codes?

Cost-Effective Messaging

Dedicated short code SMS messages allow you to connect with your audience in a more cost-effective manner. This is largely due to volume-based discounts as well as low messaging fees, which is ideal when it comes to mass texting.

Brand Recognition

A memorable number as a short code exclusive to your business can be an indispensable part of your text message marketing strategy. Vanity short codes are usually the better choice in this case.

Unlimited Text Keywords

By making use of dedicated SMS short codes, you’ll be able to unlock any keyword at any time—and for a variety of purposes such as text-to-join campaigns. The options are virtually limitless when it comes to text keywords.

Safety of Reputation

Dedicated short codes allow you to have full control over the messages that are sent over your line. This helps in protecting your company’s reputation and staying compliant with carrier requirements.

How to Use a Dedicated SMS Short Code

Polls and Surveys

A common use of exclusive short codes is for sending out polls and surveys. This can be an efficient way to gain insight into what your audience prefers, allowing you to take effective steps as a result.

Text-to-Win Campaigns

Dedicated short codes can also come in handy for text-to-win competitions. You can build your opt-in list by encouraging your customers to send a text keyword to an SMS short code for a chance to win a free product or service.

Discounts and Promotions

With SMS dedicated short codes, you can offer text-in options to both loyal and potential customers. These can include anything from limited discounts to exclusive deals.

Alerts and Notifications

Another purpose of short codes is for when you want to keep your audience updated. It’s often easier for them to opt-in using a short code to receive SMS reminders and alerts.

FAQs About Dedicated Short Codes

Can You Send SMS and MMS Messages from Dedicated Short Codes?

Using short codes, you can send bulk SMS as well as MMS messages, all with low messaging fees and a dedicated rate of delivery.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Short Code?

With shared short codes no longer being a viable option, a dedicated short code is practically the only way you can send SMS messages from a short phone number.

How Do You Get a Dedicated Short Code for Messaging?

Obtaining a dedicated short code involves signing up with an SMS platform, applying for the code, and getting approval from the carrier. You can start your application process now by contacting Dexatel.