SMS Integration
with Dexatel

SMS messages can be sent to a huge number of targeted audiences which can ultimately help in the communication. Therefore, today, the majority of the top businesses are utilizing SMS which is a great way of sending concise and to-the-point messages to a particular audience.

Why Integrations Are So Important?

There are tons of reasons why Integrations are important, especially for a business. Integrations are basically essential for a business as it simply communication process without coding . It makes a business efficient which then ultimately improves the productivity of the business.

Time can be easily utilized and saved, without any wastage. However, before you go for the SMS integration, you should know about the two main terms that are SMS API Integration, and SMS Gateway Integration.

The SMS API Integration allows a business to integrate SMS services with the business’s website or application. SMS API enables businesses to communicate with their clients or customers all around the globe.

Using an SMS API is a great way of saving a lot of money which can then ultimately help in increasing the revenue. As far as SMS Gateway is considered, it simply allows a network to send and receive SMS from one telecommunications network to another.

There are different types of integrations for various types of platforms. For instance, our plugin is made for WordPress users, however, there are hundreds of other platforms similar to the WordPress that use other apps for the SMS.

We will now discuss how more complex tasks can be done easily with the help of ready-made applications and plugins and why you should avoid the option of coding.

Complicated Tasks Become Simple
With Ready Made SMS Integrations!

As mentioned above as well, the ready-made SMS Integrations can make more complex and complicated tasks simple and easier. There are plenty of examples of that. One of the examples is of sending a one-time password to the newly registered users for verification of phone numbers. If you opt to do this task through coding, it will become more complicated and time-consuming.

However, utilizing ready-made applications and plugins can help you make these tasks simple and easy. All you need to do is to download and activate it. You are then good to go. Along with that, there are various other things as well that are now easier and simple to do with the apps and plugins that would have otherwise been.

In addition to this, if you want to notify and alert the customers about something, you have to do that quickly as it can be something very important. Doing it through coding and stuff can consume extra time and may also reduce the importance of the message you wanted to convey to the customers. However, it won’t happen if you make use of ready-made apps and plugins.

SMS Blast Pricing

Various other things are directly or indirectly connected with it, and it is important to realize that slow processes can deteriorate things and can also reduce the chances of success. Therefore, the wise decision would be to use already prepared or ready-made apps and plugins for everything instead of coding that is now old fashioned and very complex. Keep things simple and you will notice how quickly you can grow your business or the company.

SMS For Woocommerce

Effective communication is the key to success, especially when it comes to E-commerce business websites. Effective communication can help you in engaging with your customers and providing them the solutions they are in search of. It is where SMS plugins can be useful. Now, with the Dexatel platform, you can send various SMS messages to your users. Our plugin is for WordPress users, that works only with Woocommerce.

It can help your business achieve its goals and objectives. You can communicate important details with your customers, can send them notifications about the latest deals and events, or can simply inform them about the updates. There will be two types of text messages for the plugin offered by Dexatel. SMS to Admin and SMS to Users.

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