Dexatel’s 2023 Customer Engagement and Satisfaction Insights

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction Report

Tallinn, Estonia, February 28, 2024 — Dexatel’s 2023 Customer Engagement and Satisfaction Report sheds light on user interactions, communication preferences, and support experiences. In a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the report showcases remarkable achievements and strategic insights.

Customer Engagement

Throughout last year, the Dexatel platform witnessed significant user engagement, with a notable increase in activity across various services. 

Usage statistics indicated a 20% rise in user interactions compared to the previous year, which proves a growing reliance on the company’s versatile communication solutions. With millions of SMS messages, users embraced a diverse range of services, highlighting the platform's adaptability to varying communication needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer support interactions remained a cornerstone of Dexatel's commitment to exceptional service delivery. With an emphasis on responsiveness and efficiency, Dexatel achieved an impressive 15% reduction in average response times. The resolution rates soared to 30%, further underscoring the effectiveness of the company’s support team in addressing user queries and concerns promptly.

Dexatel’s CSAT score of 4.2 reflects the high degree of satisfaction among Dexatel users. This emphasizes the effectiveness of the platform in meeting their communication needs. At the same time, the NPS of 55 signifies a substantial number of promoters, which demonstrates the extent to which users actively recommend Dexatel to others.

The effectiveness of customer engagement and satisfaction initiatives became evident in the positive outcomes witnessed over the past year. One noteworthy initiative was the creation of an inclusive knowledge base, which allows users to take advantage of a comprehensive resource hub. This provided them with self-service capabilities and contributed to a more informed customer base.

Challenges and Solutions

Despite significant achievements, Dexatel encountered a pivotal challenge in refining customer experiences by addressing the complexity of the onboarding process. Acknowledging the need for a more user-friendly journey, the company strategically automated processes and eliminated manual forms. The previous onboarding was transformed into an intuitive and swift process, with a 99.3% decrease in registration time. 

Dexatel also implemented enhanced security measures by restricting registration to valid cell phone numbers. Unlike before, where various phone number types were accepted—including free service and toll-free numbers—the updated process ensures registration with only valid cell phone numbers. This refinement contributes to the overall security and authenticity of user accounts.

Furthermore, the company prioritized user guidance by introducing explanatory steps for newcomers in the industry. Upon registration, users are welcomed with clear directions for the next steps based on their level of expertise. Whether it's initiating text messages for beginners or proceeding to request a sender ID for those who are experienced, the onboarding experience is now more user-friendly and intuitive. 

Dexatel revamped its platform by redesigning three main areas, each dedicated to the primary services offered—SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber—so users can easily preview and send test messages for a hands-on experience without complexity. This simplifies user exploration and interaction with Dexatel's diverse communication services.

Market Positioning

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the thorough analysis of customer feedback. Common themes emerging from user input have been diligently examined to reveal areas of strength and provide valuable insights for enhancement. 

Customers consistently praised Dexatel for its user-friendly interface, prompt support, and diversity of communication services. They also highlighted opportunities for improvement such as feature expansion and further customization options. Dexatel is actively leveraging this feedback to refine its offerings and elevate user experiences.

The company recognizes the evolving nature of customer engagement and satisfaction within the CPaaS sector. The growing demand for omnichannel communication solutions will allow Dexatel to capitalize on the increasing demand for personalized user experiences across SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. 


Looking ahead, Dexatel is poised to revolutionize customer support with the introduction of AI-based 24/7 assistance. This will enhance accessibility, responsiveness, and provide users with instant support and guidance.

The company is committed to improving issue resolution efficiency, with a goal of achieving a 20% increase in issue resolution without the need for live chat assistance. This objective further underscores the company’s dedication to empowering users through a robust and user-friendly knowledge base.

Dexatel’s long-term vision revolves around staying customer-first. Prioritizing research and development will open the door to pioneer products and services that anticipate and exceed customer expectations.