Dexatel Acquires TikTok as an Enterprise Customer

Dexatel TikTok Partnership Customer

Tallinn, Estonia, December 28, 2021 — Dexatel is proud to announce its collaboration with TikTok, the globally acclaimed short-form video platform, to bolster user security. This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone in enhancing security measures while delivering an improved user experience.

Dexatel's omnichannel platform seamlessly facilitates the delivery of OTP codes, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to their accounts. By integrating Dexatel's services into its security infrastructure, TikTok can mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access and data breaches.

Beyond the realm of security, this collaboration can translate into a more user-friendly experience. The platform guarantees swift delivery of OTP codes to users' mobile devices, allowing them to access their TikTok accounts without unnecessary delays. Not only does this elevate user satisfaction, but also minimizes frustration due to authentication issues.

This collaboration highlights a shared commitment to staying ahead of security challenges and providing users with an unparalleled experience. The Dexatel platform not only addresses TikTok's current security needs but also lays the foundation for future innovations in user security and engagement.

Dexatel is excited to be a part of TikTok's journey toward enhanced security and improved user experiences. 

About TikTok

TikTok is a globally acclaimed short-form video platform that allows users to create, share, and discover engaging content. With a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, TikTok is committed to providing a safe and entertaining space for users to connect and express themselves.