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Sending a text message seems so easy for all of us. Many steps happen in a few seconds that allow us to send SMS from one phone to another. That is precisely what phone carriers are. These are the operators that allow texting and calling to happen.

Many SMS providers like Dexatel are interconnected with dozens of carriers to make the mass texting available for businesses. And if you want to look up a specific phone carrier, Dexatel will help you with this. Thus, it is important to understand what carrier lookup is and why you need it.

Common Questions

What Carrier is My Phone?

In order to find out information about phone carriers, you can use our free tool. Just scroll up, type in the phone number and select the country.

How to Tell if a Phone Number is a Cell?

With carrier lookup service, you can check out what carrier the number is registered on. And from the first glance you won’t find out whether the number is a cell or landline. And this is particularly hard if you’re not familiar with the local codes.

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