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Cloud communication platforms like Dexatel interconnect with carriers to make mass texting available for businesses. Looking up specific phone carriers before sending an SMS helps cut unnecessary expenses. The price for one cell carrier lookup is 4% lower than sending a message to the same number

What is a Phone Carrier Lookup

A phone number carrier lookup is the process of checking which country and service provider a phone number is assigned to. An A2P messaging platform sends messages from an application, which is why texting services need to know which operator the SIM card belongs to.

The moment you send a message from the Dexatel platform, our mobile carrier lookup identifies the country and network.

The system then sends the message to the destination operator without additional charges.

If you want to check which carrier the phone belongs to, use our carrier lookup tool that offers three free credits per day.

How Reverse Carrier Lookup Works

A reverse carrier lookup works through Home Location Register (HLR) technology, which uses real-time checkups to provide specific information for particular phone numbers. Usually, carrier lookups are charged on a per-lookup basis.

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Dexatel’s Carrier Lookup API

Our free-to-test carrier lookup API helps you receive additional information about the phone number. You can specify the type of information you'd like to obtain about the number.

Use an easy-to-integrate URL structure to request phone carrier lookup APIs—they're delivered in lightweight formats and secured via HTTPS encryption.

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Common Questions

What Is My Phone Number Carrier?

Use our free tool to find out information about phone carriers. Type in the number and select the country.

How to Tell if a Phone Number Is a Cell?

Carrier lookup services allow you to check out what carrier the number is registered to. If you’re not familiar with local codes, you might not be able to tell.