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Programmable Messaging API

Build long-lasting relationships, connect with your customers through scalable communication channels, and grow with your brand's messaging solutions.

Programmable Messaging API

Comprehensive SolutionTailored to Your Needs

Dexatel's Messaging API offers a solution to meet the diverse communication needs of businesses worldwide. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and compliance, you get to streamline your business messaging processes and boost customer engagement.

We combine global reach, compliance features, reliability, analytics, and dedicated support in one API. Optimize your messaging workflows, strengthen customer relationships, and achieve your marketing goals effectively.

Tailored interactions

Tailored interactions

Worldwide reach

Worldwide reach

Omnichannel communication

Omnichannel communication

Global Reach with Local Compliance

With global reach and compliance with local regulations and standards, we make sure that you maintain legal and ethical practices in every market you operate.

High Throughput and Guaranteed Delivery

Thanks to high throughput capabilities, you can send large volumes of messages, knowing that they will reach their intended destinations promptly and reliably.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

From delivery rates to user engagement metrics, gain access to actionable data and valuable insights to optimize your messaging strategies and drive better results.

24/7 Support and Dedicated Account Management

Benefit from dedicated account management to make sure that 24/7 personalized assistance, support, and guidance maximize the value of your business needs.

All You Need is One APIfor Multiple Channels

Expand your reach with our unified Messaging API and engage with customers through SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and more on their phones. Choose any or all channels to boost your programmable messaging strategy.

Implement Scalable Messaging Within Your Apps

Make a Request

Initiate a verification request by accessing our robust messaging services API. This API provides the framework for secure communication between your application and our platform, enabling seamless integration of verification functionalities.

Send the Code

Upon receiving the verification, our API generates a unique code and incorporates it into a customizable message tailored to support your branding and user preferences. This message is then transmitted securely through the selected channel.

Verify Your Brand

The user receives the verification message via your app and proceeds to submit the received code through the designated interface. This code submission triggers a verification process facilitated by our API, which validates the authenticity of the provided code.

You're All Set

Upon successful code verification, the verification process is completed and you have secure access to the desired features, data, and functionalities. This streamlined and secure verification mechanism enhances both the security and user experience.

Consistent Business Messaging for Any Use Case

Appointment Reminders

Minimize no-shows by prompting customers about upcoming appointments.
Appointment Reminders

Got Questions?We Have Answers

What is a Messaging API?

An omnichannel messaging API is a tool that enables businesses to interact and communicate with customers across various channels, including SMS messages, group chats, and WhatsApp messages.

What is the Difference Between Messaging and SMS API?

A messaging API provides a comprehensive solution for interacting with users across multiple communication channels, while an SMS API is specifically designed to send and receive text messages. The choice between them depends on the specific communication needs and requirements of the application or service being developed.

What Channels are Supported by the Messaging API?

The messaging API supports a wide range of channels such as SMS message, group chat, WhatsApp, and Viber.

How Can I Use the Messaging API to Send Messages?

You can use the SMS API to send text messages, create SMS marketing campaigns, and other types of messages to your customer's mobile device with ease.

Is There a Pricing Structure for Sending SMS Messages through the API?

Yes. For details on SMS pricing and plans, please refer to our pricing page or contact our support team.

Can the Messaging API Handle Group Chats?

Yes, it can interact with users in group chats, allowing businesses to engage with multiple users simultaneously.

How Does the Messaging API Ensure Message Delivery?

It guarantees message delivery through reliable infrastructure and robust delivery mechanisms so that messages reach their intended recipients.

What is the Advantage of Using a Single API Request for Sending Messages?

It simplifies the process of sending messages, streamlines communication tasks, and enhances message efficiency.

Is There a Character Limit for the SMS Message Sent Through the API?

Yes, while SMS messages have a maximum character limit of 160 characters per message, the API allows for longer messages by automatically concatenating multiple messages.

What is the Maximum Number of Messages I Can Send Using the API?

The messaging API offers scalability, which allows you to send a high volume of messages as needed. The maximum number of messages you can send depends on your chosen pricing plan and network capabilities.

Are There Resources Available to Help Integrate the Messaging API into Their Applications?

Yes, we provide comprehensive resources, including documentation and code samples to assist developers in integrating our messaging API into their applications. Whether you're working with PHP, JAVA, NODE JS, or other programming languages, we offer the resources you need to get started.

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