Viber is a calling and messaging app that connects billions of people around the world. Prioritizing privacy and security of digital communication, Viber protects users’ calls and chats via built-in end-to-end encryption. 

Viber emphasizes security regarding new users’ registration. This is where one-time passwords come to help. The latter is usually a four-digit code sent to new users for identification purposes.

Since 2019 Dexatel has been helping Viber send OTP (One Time Passwords) messages to its new users around the globe, as part of the registration and identification procedure. Here’s an example of a case where OTP is needed to provide security and prevent any fraud. 

One-Time Passwords

Assume that Christopher wants to use Viber as his new preferable app to communicate with his friends and family. He registers on the app and Viber sends him an OTP message with Dexatel’s SMS API so Christopher identifies himself for security purposes. 

With Viber, customer satisfaction suggests immense responsibility towards every message sent. Dexatel handles this with the utmost care by implementing our values and methodologies, as well as providing Viber with 24/7 technical support. We always ensure that the messaging layer of security is always at its best.